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Reply Creative Challenge 2020: Team Trecento11 Wins Europe's Greatest Creative Challenge for Students and Young Creatives from all over the World

With the project “Proud to share” Team Trecento11 secured the victory of the 2020 edition of the Creative Challenge, the largest competition in Europe for students and young creatives organized by Reply and part of the online team-based series of competitions, Reply Challenges.

Supply Chain Management


A pandemic disruption: the future of Supply Chains in the post-Covid era

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry around the globe in never before seen ways. Forcing governments and authorities to take drastic measures in order to control the spread of the virus, such as lockdowns and restrictions on the movement of people and goods.

14.07.2020 / English Language


The Application of Reputational Risk Q-Model

FROM 10.00 TO 11.00 A.M. CEST

Join this Cloud in Financial Services webinar in which a real world example of the application of the Reputational Risk model will be shown with a case study applied to a major Italian Private Bank, Banca Generali.


03.07.2020 / Cloud Computing


Around the Cloud in Eighty Days: The Fourth Leg of the Journey: Operating Model and Governance

This is Part 4 of our ten-legged journey to explore how the Cloud can enable productivity, innovation, and scalability in financial services.



Proud to Share

The idea was to create a series of sponsored posts leading to a landing page. On this page, visitors could write a personal weakness and vulnerability to print on an original Martini Fiero glass and send it to a friend. On receiving a box with the personalised glass and a bottle of Fiero & Tonic the recipient could scan a QR code to organise a time to share an aperitif online with their friend.


Proud to Share 0




Microsoft Workload on AWS

About 70% of Enterprise Applications are Windows based and about 82% of these applications are still on premise (IDC). At Storm Reply we work with businesses to help them build, migrate, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft Workload on AWS.

10.07.2020 / German Language


Legacy Ware Migration: Fail or Success

FROM 11.00 TO 12.00 A.M. CEST

In this webinar by Cluster Reply you can learn about the shortcomings of many migration projects from legacy IT systems evolved over the years.


09.07.2020 / German Language


Lean Marketing: Lower Costs - higher Output

FROM 2.00 TO 3.00 P.M. CEST

Lean Marketing by Reply presents and explains these procedures and methods towards a flexible and efficient digital marketing. With our Lean Marketing approach we promise a serious optimization, which makes you more agile and above all faster and at the same time cheaper.


06.07.2020 / English Language


Industrial Asset Monitoring with IoT on the Edge

FROM 2.00 TO 3.00 P.M. CEST

Concept Reply highlights the challenges of industrial asset monitoring and explains how IoT on the Edge can help us with that. Additionally, the experts share their contributions to the BMBF funded project IDAM, with a focus on the IoT architecture and gateway, as well as the development of Digital Twin.


08.07.2020 / Italian Language


Warehousing app for Dynamics 365

FROM 4.00 TO 4.45 P.M. CEST

During this webinar, Cluster Reply will give an overview to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and its Warehousing app.


09.07.2020 / Italian Language


Management of document collection and approval

FROM 4.00 TO 4.45 P.M. CEST

It allows participants to see a practical demonstration​ of a tool that is easy to adopt within the business and is customisable according to their needs, which can serve as the foundation for the implementation of their specific document flows.


08.07.2020 / FULLY DIGITAL


How Machine Learning can improve Anti-Money Laundering process

FROM 5.00 TO 5.45 P.M. CEST

This webinar is about the key advantages of introducing Machine Learning in an Anti - Money Laundering process.



Build an intelligent ticket management

FROM 2.30 TO 3.15 P.M. CEST

Our experts from Target Reply, Machine Learning Reply and Sytel Reply will show what the Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) paradigm is and how it was adopted in a Telco company business case.




Create an effective CX through Service Design

FROM 4.00 TO 4.45 P.M. CEST

Unforeseen market events, consumers that expect personalised interactions with their favourite brands, and competitors that are only a click away. These are just some of the forces that are driving the need for new levels of supply chain visibility and intelligence that can only be obtained through Smart Tracking.


29.06.2020 / Cloud Computing


Around the Cloud in Eighty Days: The Third Leg of the Journey: Architecture

This is part three of our ten-legged journey to explore how the Cloud can enable productivity, innovation, and scalability in financial services.

16.07.2020 / English Language


SAP Commerce Cloud V2 Migration - Everything5Pounds and SAP Panel

FROM 12.00 TO 13.00 P.M. BST

Join this webinar for insights into how Portaltech Reply helped fashion retailer Everything5Pounds.com embark on a programme to expand to new market segments as part of its business development strategy through better utilisation of SAP Commerce.


Best Practice

Automated help Desk

Cluster Reply Automation Intelligence practice has skill, training and experience with Hyper-automation technologies, including conversational interfaces, cognitive services and Robotic Process Automation. Cluster Reply can tailor the conversational interface solution to fulfill different customer needs, assisting during the entire solution lifecycle, from planning to design, implementation and support and making sure they choose the correct approach to enable success.

09.07.2020 / English Language


Quality Assurance Automation using Artificial Intelligence

FROM 11.00 TO 12.00 A.M. CEST

In this webinar Cluster Reply shows how Artificial Intelligence can automate and scale the Quality Assurance, as well as automate repetitive manual work. In addition, further use cases for applying Artificial Intelligence in Quality Assurance are presented.


08.07.2020 / English Language


Chinese Rooms and the Wizard of OZ

FROM 2.00 TO 3.00 P.M. CEST

Attend the first part of the 'Digital Experience' webinar series to find out how to improve iterative, automated testing routines with human intervention to increase the speed of development. You can learn about the challenges and solutions to successful interface design and testing.


Spatial Computing


Spatial Computing for a COVID-19 Business Environment

As businesses recover from a worldwide pandemic, Spatial Computing technology may provide the socially distance environment needed to maintain productivity and wellness. Spatial Computing is an emerging technology that will dramatically change how we interact with computers and the world, using intelligent edge devices. Fueled by AI, those devices can spatially sense the world around us.

Spatial Computing for a COVID-19 Business Environment 0

02.07.2020 / Fully Digital


Webinar: AWS + Flink: Enrich and Dispatch Streaming Data

How to use AWS services at the edge to unlock data and send it to the cloud for further processing is explained in this IoT Webinar series offered by AWS. On 2 July 2020 Storm Reply spotlights an existing implementation that takes thousands of messages per second in the cloud, enriches them, applies user-defined rules, and sends the data to multiple destinations with a latency of less than one second.



One day in the life during COVID-19

The pandemic has rearranged consumers’ needs in general. At the same time, it created specific groups of people with similar demands. It’s an opportunity for businesses to consider these groups and respond to their needs (essential workers, regular workers, parents, students and vulnerable people).

UPDATED AS AT 9 June 2020

One day in the life during COVID-19 0

19.06.2020 / It Pro

Press Article

When remote working is the new normal

Jason Hill, Executive Partner at Reply, discusses how Remote Working has changed and will change after Covid-19. Good remote working is about a seamless fusion of processes, tools and culture.