IoT solution

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Predict, Prevent, Protect, with A\M/P

AMP by Storm Reply is a deployable and repeatable IoT solution aimed at enabling client's adoption of AWS IoT services and realize the business benefits of their IoT use cases. With pre-built assets and playbooks, AMP is an accelerator solution avoiding the need to build from scratch and allowing the flexibility to be tailored to each client’s requirements.

Predict, Prevent,
Protect, with A\M/P 0

21.05.2021 - 23.05.2021 / ONLINE


Reply Creative Challenge 2021

The Reply Creative Challenge is a team-based competition open to students and creatives from all over the world who compete in the development of a creative concept assigned by a jury of experts.


Reply Creative Challenge 2021 0

12.04.2021 - 14.04.2021 / Live Event


Quantum Tech 2021

Data Reply will be participating in Quantum Tech, to illustrate the near-term and long-term Business applications of Quantum Computing.



A luxury sports car aims at laying the foundation to provide the Industrial area with an IT platform that enables the implementation and integrated use of the technologies known as Industry 4.0. Provide near-real-time reliable information, parameters and indicators derived from the data coming from the production infrastructure is the main aim of business stakeholders.


Case Study


The web portal is designed to be the Interface for customers to interact with connected vehicles. The portal lets customers register, add their vehicles and accessories, download documentation, train through video and informative material, subscribe to additional services.

digital asset management

Discovery Reply

A platform for fast, safe controlled use and management of all your digital content, regardless of format and end use.

Discovery Reply™ is Reply’s proprietary platform for Digital Experience Management. A powerful digital asset management tool used for communication, team collaboration, and support of enterprise processes while aiming to drive market initiatives.



Case Study

Sitecore Website migration to Cloud

Cluster Reply was involved in the migration of 12 Sitecore 8.2 premise websites to Sitecore 9 on the Cloud. The project was required to handle the client EU division fusion with another company and the constitution of a completely new company with dedicated IT infrastructure and applications ecosystem.

The Power of Conversation

Best Practice

Dive into the world of conversational interfaces

Chatbots, virtual and voice assistants, and robots are a powerful communication asset, an expression of the brand’s personality and a tool to create emotional bonds with customers and employees. The Reply conversational-first approach would allow for a holistic, top-down perspective of a customer's entire digital landscape, embracing the next digital revolution, enhancing brand safety and dramatically boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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The sky’s the limit for improving viewing experiences with Google Cloud 0

The sky’s the limit for improving viewing experiences with Google Cloud

Sky Italia teamed up with Google Cloud Partner Go Reply to begin its cloud journey.

31.03.2021 / Global Banking & Finance Review

Press Article

Building emotional and unique shopping experiences with digital commerce

For retailers to survive COVID-19 and come back stronger than ever before, it is clear that they must champion the online shopper and embrace digital commerce. Susanne Zander, Partner at Syskoplan Reply, explores the new race for retailers to establish a deeper relationship with customers and stand out from the competition, in Global Banking & Finance Review.

Reply webinars on demand 0

Reply webinars on demand

Reply's Webinars series covers all industries and spans the latest innovation trends.

Relive the experience and hear from Reply’s subject matter specialists as they dive deeper into the latest industry news, new and innovative technology solutions.


Financial News

Information Reporting to the public

Reply S.p.A. [MTA, STAR: REY] informs that the lists of candidates for position on the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors are now available. The documentation required by current legislation and by the Company’s By-laws has also been made available to the public together with the lists.

16.04.2021 / Webinar



In this session 4brands Reply shows the way to an intelligent enterprise with SAP S/4HANA. The experts highlight the benefits of the SAP Rise Program in combination with 4brands Reply’s project accelerators for the SAP S/4HANA implementation.


Financial News

Information Reporting to the public

Reply S.p.A. [MTA, STAR: REY] would like to inform that new documents are available to the public, on the Company’s website at, at the Company’s registered office and on eMarket Storage authorised storage system.

12.04.2021 - 16.04.2021 / Online


Logistics Reply at Hannover Messe 2021

Logistics Reply is represented as an exhibitor at Hannover Messe 2021 from 12 to 16 April 2021 and informs interested parties about future trends in logistics, such as the efficient use of drones in warehouse inventory.


Case Study


Cluster Reply has helped a customer in the Consumer goods industry to re-design and migrate a line-of-business application over an architecture based on Azure PaaS components that allowed the redesigned application to run entirely on Microsoft cloud managed services.

13.04.2021 / Online


ECR live! @home 2021 with 4brands Reply

Learn at the virtual ECR live! @home 2021, 13 and 14 April 2021, all about "Category Management & Shopper Marketing" and take part in the presentation by the experts from 4brands Reply on "Price Sensing - Digital Collection of Promotional Prices across all Sales Channels".

19.03.2021 / Edge Computing News

Press Article

A Future of Exponential Growth for Edge Computing and the Internet of Everything

Edge Computing News dive into Reply's latest Report, 'From Cloud to Edge', built with the help of its proprietary SONAR Trend platform. Discover why Edge is not a threat to Cloud and how the two can work in unison.


Case Study


Xister Reply engaged users by leveraging on what they love the most: music. For the “Extra Match” activity, Xister Reply involved a few Italian singers and asked them to share their passion for music by making a cover of the other’s song. In the meantime, famous DJs were entertaining younger fans through live DJ sets on Instagram.

Cloud migration

Case Study

Exom Trials

To migrate Exom's microservice web application, which is the core of the Genius SuiteTM platform for managing clinical trials on AWS, Exom started a collaboration with Storm Reply. The real challenge consisted of working closely to exploit and optimize the Kubernetes framework to draw up development and production environments that could effectively support Exom developers in their everyday activities.

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23.03.2021 - 25.03.2021 / Live Event


Finovate Europe 2021

Data Reply participates in “Finovate Europe 2021”, a digital event dedicated to the Financial Services Industry. Register for the event now and meet our experts to discover the latest Fintech solutions!

Blockchain & data protection

Best Practice

UBIRCH's Digital Vaccination Certificate

The official yellow WHO Certificates of Vaccination and Prophylaxis pass is commonly used as proof of vaccination status and is accepted internationally. On a case-by-case basis it completely serves its purpose but when applied in high-volume checks, the booklet format is bound to meet limitations. The solution: UBIRCH's Digital Vaccination Certificate – an extremely privacy-friendly, digital representation of a vaccination status.

Virtual Assistant

Case Study

A virtual assistant for physical branches

Machine Learning Reply was involved in the creation of a virtual assistant for a leading banking company. The solution consisted of a hologram capable of welcoming customers in a physical branch. Thanks to Artificial intelligence techniques, the assistant helps customers with banking services in a digital interaction, just like a real bank employee would do in a physical branch.

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11.03.2021 / TechHQ

Press Article

The Future of Digitalization in the Food and Beverage Industry

On the back of Reply’s recent proprietary research, 'How COVID-19 is Changing the Food and Beverage Industry', TechHQ have highlighted some of the key trends identified and their potential impact on the digital future of the industry.