Return to workplaces while protecting your people

Spatial Computing depth sensing 3D cameras for social distance

Manage social distancing and restore trust and engagement

Businesses need to restart processes and implement solutions for managing social distancing in the workplace while restoring the trust and engagement of employees. Guaranteeing the safety and security of their people is of vital importance.

Technological, organizational & awareness solutions can support companies in ensuring social distancing between people, in compliance with their privacy and inline with the regulations adopted by the different countries. In this context, Reply can support organisations in the definition of a new set of rules to be adopted in the “back to business” phase and to increase the level of employee awareness and trust.

Finding ways of enforcing physical distancing guidelines in public spaces or within a company will be critical for many industries to return to operating at a new normal while keeping the Covid-19 metrics at a tolerable level. Even if there is no turn-key manual for successfully running a business during an unprecedented crisis, Reply has designed and tested a number of solutions to support companies and organizations in overcoming different business challenges while maintaining social distancing and the security of its workforce.

Technologies can help with social distancing

Spatial Computing depth-sensing 3D cameras and other sensors could help organizations to manage social distancing and security. Spatial Computing can be applied in many ways. It can be used to automate temperature measurements of individuals entering a facility or workspace, ensure individuals are wearing the required Personal Protective Equipment correctly in public spaces, offices, production facilities and other areas or to analyze behaviors in real-time to ensure social distancing rules are being applied correctly.

Define a reintegration strategy to deliver a positive employee experience

Delivering a positive workplace reintegration experience for employees is key. Communicating the change should be done with the employee experience in mind.

Businesses who think of their Covid-19 workplace reintegration strategy as not only a necessary process, but also a unique opportunity to deliver a positive employee experience will set themselves apart. Taking employee’s needs as well as specific Covid-19 workplace plans into account, organizations need to identify opportunities to communicate the changes, delivering a positive and safe workplace reintegration. Communications need to address three fundamental needs that are at play for most people in the current situation:

The need to feel safe: people need to feel reassured that the company has taken every precaution to keep people safe and protected them.

The need to belong: people need to feel welcome in the workplace, that their presence is wanted and valued and that there is a benefit for them to be there.

The need for simplicity and clear messaging: right now people don’t have the capacity for complex or detailed messaging, they need companies to tell them only what they need to know.

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Digital restart

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a strong impact on businesses in all industries. Laife Reply, Hermes Reply and Concept Reply has developed a modular solution to support the restart that lean on a digital platform that can be harmonized within the customer landscape.

real-time localisation

Best Practice

Reply Tracking & Location System

The Reply Tracking and Location System is a real-time localisation system created by Reply to automatically identify and monitor the position of objects and personnel across indoor environments or facility entrances.

Reply Tracking & Location System 0

Blockchain and Covid-19

Prove your Health Status without Revealing Personal Data

New Health Credential solution to aid facilities and individuals through GDPR compliant digital health status certificates.

Prove your Health Status without Revealing Personal Data 0

computer vision

Best Practice

Distance tracking against COVID-19

Considering all the recent advancements in computer vision in terms of processing algorithms and AI models, we consider them directly applicable for coronavirus monitoring: AI can help to process images coming from digital cameras, identifying peoples’ profiles and behavior, ensuring the respect of social distancing and personal protection equipment usage.



Artificial Intelligence serving businesses for intelligent workforce planning

The management of the ongoing health emergency requires facing new constraints imposed by the need to comply with current regulations on social distancing.

Best Practice

Guaranteeing a safe working environment with facility management

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to take a series of security measures to ensure staff and visitors get back to the office. Arlanis Reply, thanks to its consolidated experience, develops Digital Facility Management solutions that can be adopted by companies to meet new security requirements.

Guaranteeing a safe working environment with facility management 0

Spatial Computing


Spatial Computing for a COVID-19 Business Environment

As businesses recover from a worldwide pandemic, Spatial Computing technology may provide the socially distance environment needed to maintain productivity and wellness. Spatial Computing is an emerging technology that will dramatically change how we interact with computers and the world, using intelligent edge devices. Fueled by AI, those devices can spatially sense the world around us.

Spatial Computing for a COVID-19 Business Environment 0

Best Practice

Desk Sharing Solution to restart during Covid-19

The solution developed by Cluster Reply supports companies in the management of workstations both in contexts of resizing spaces and in cases of alternating presence in loco-smartworking, using to simplify the gradual return to the company.

Desk Sharing Solution to restart during Covid-19 0

Digital Health Manager

Best Practice

COVID-19 Infection Chain Case Management for health departments

Cluster Reply has developed a COVID-19 infection chain case management solution. The System for Infection Chain Management enables the staff of Health Ministries and Authorities to digitally manage corona cases and contact persons.

Returning to work


Are your people prepared to return to the workplace?

As offices across the UK begin to re-open, businesses have been busy trying to align their physical workspaces to the government’s Covid-19 guidance in preparation for the return of their workforce. Avvio Reply shared some insights from their conversations, and ideas on how you could respond, to help make the return to the workplace an uplifting and positive experience for your people.




Holobeam is paving the way for immersive telepresence. Valorem developed a new holographic telepresence technology, HoloBeam. This real-time 3D remote communication technology is leading the way for AR/VR transformed collaboration, training, customer experiences and other vital business aspects in today's modern workplace.



Case Study

Guiding employees through change

TFL were going through a period of huge change from both an infrastructure and organisational point of view and staff were being bombarded with new information all the time. Avvio Reply worked with TFL to develop a solution to help staff understand their new roles and organisatonal structure, while also educating them about the proposition and strategy behind it.

Guiding employees through change 0

Returning to work


A practical guide for returning to work

A lot has been written and hypothesised about the return to work. Let’s face it, there is a lot we don’t know yet. Here are some practical steps you can take right now, that will set you up for success for the return to work.

Live Well

Case Study

It's easy to live well at Sky

Sky prides itself on being a great place to work. In addition to a fantastic work environment, Sky offers employees a great selection of healthy and affordable food and drink at all Sky sites. Avvio Reply developed a campaign to raise awareness amongst employees and ensure they understood the benefits of their Live Well range and how easy it is to Live Well at Sky everyday!

Modern Workforce

Best Practice

"Where do you Workplace?"

Today’s workspace is on-the-go. Implico Reply & Workplace help you break down geographic and technology barriers to communication and collaboration to satisfy the needs of your changing workforce.
Workplace’s personalized feeds, live chat, video broadcasts, secure file sharing and familiar interfaces encourage open communication that accelerates idea sharing and drives productivity.

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Best Practice

Collaborative Work with Virtual Reality

Online meetings are practical: they are quick to set up, do not require any special technology and do not involve any travel time. But they do have a certain bland aspect: the interactivity of a face-to-face meeting is lost. Infinity Reply's solution: Virtual workspaces supported by immersive technologies.

05.05.2020 / German Language


Securing critical Infrastructure with secure Filesharing

Macros Reply, in cooperation with FTAPI, takes responsibility for securing your critical and valuable data. In this webinar, attendees learned end-to-end encryption with one click without the need for any infrastructure.



Training VR solutions for Industry 4.0

Virtual reality is a technology that is set to radically improve all aspects of our lives, including learning. Protocube Reply has developed a VR Training solution integrated with Industry 4.0 logics that can ensure an objective series of advantages and that have already successfully been tested in real-world situations.

Immersive Technologies

Best Practice


Now is the time to break away from pure analogue reality and enhance experiences with virtual components. But are you ready to fully utilize the possibilities of the digital transformation for improved user experiences and to incorporate virtual, augmented or mixed reality (XR) into your business model?