Reshape customer experiences for the new normal

Reshape customer experience after Covid-19

Reframe goals, strategies, objectives as well as their priorities

We already see that the current situation accelerates the digital transformation of society, business and communication to a speed we would not have expected in our wildest dreams. But what we never imagined is that this acceleration is accompanied with a severe threat to humanity and the economy, and in addition a high unpredictability of events and changes to come.

A completely new scenario is building and evolving in front of our eyes from a business and strategic perspective. Now it’s time to reshape your customer experience, designing fast new products and services to be distributed through every channel, with communication plans coherent with these times.

Reply expertise and knowledge in the design of digital experiences will support customers in understanding and mapping new needs, issues and opportunities raised in this totally new context, by being creative to re-invent their digital customer experience and in finding new ways to support and boost the business.

New scenarios and new needs

This shift in expectations and behavior will have a lasting effect for which each company needs to be ready.

In these times of uncertainty, trust and reliability become even more important. Customers will value more than ever how consistently and empathic organizations react and communicate during the crisis. Companies need to be fast and well prepared to support customers, from product delivery to giving advice.

An underlying increased human need for risk prevention and health will add new aspects to business models, innovations and value propositions for products and services. This might lead from emphasizing more on certain aspects in communication up to creating and finding completely new health-related features for products.

When the possibilities for real-life interaction decrease and new processes come into place everything we do digitally needs to become even more self-explanatory and convenient. Stronger user experience automation and customer personalization will probably be the next fields to tackle. A clear and outstanding UX will be a strong element of trust and positive brand experience at the same time as well.

All experiences and services need to have a full digital equivalent. People are now choosing to, or do not have an alternative than to, do everything online – and we believe that this behavior will stick.

Understand and map new needs

More than ever it is all about listening and finding out what customers really think, what they want and what they actually do and plan to do. Their expectations need to be at the core of Post-Pandemic strategies. Reply supports organizations in all aspects of insights generation, from advanced data analytics to trend, ethnographic and empathic research, customer journey and user behavior analysis.

Find out new issues and opportunities to dig deeper

Knowing what drives customers’ experience will lay the foundation for a full customer experience checklist to reveal exactly the right spots to dig deeper and invest in. Reply supports companies by setting up a dedicated expert team to work on topics such as brand experience and communication reviews, marketing spend and ROI analysis, lead management and engagement strategies, UX reviews and usability audits.

Be creative to re-invent customer experience

We also understand the challenge within this crisis to navigate carefully between quick-wins - where digital can help to compensate shrinking offline sales – and a solid, thought-through strategy for a post-pandemic (or long-term-pandemic) situation. Reply helps organizations to re-invent the digital customer experience and find new ways to support and boost the business – without putting your brand at risk. Thanks to technologies like IoT, MR and VR companies can overcome physical lockdowns and retail closures by providing new buying experiences for potential clients, redefining the entire shopping experience and reinventing customers’ shopping journeys, creating more positive personalized virtual experiences.

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In recent years, digital innovation in Retail has worked primarily to deepen the customer journey, investing in improving the experience in the store and in part to foster an omnichannel and personalized experience through sales force automation solutions.

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Like Reply presented the Retail Digital Program, adopting the storytelling method, in order to highlight the program’s pillars. Register to the sessions to know opportunities for helping Local Business grow by Digital Marketing.

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Humanizing Technology

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Virtual Influence

The quest for increasingly “humanized technology” is more than a major key to finally integrating chatbots as natural companions in our everyday lives, it also represents an opportunity to enter a whole new world of human-machine communication. Elbkind Reply introduces the new age of creative tech and social media with the potential to bring machines and people closer together than ever before.

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Customer Care



Sprint Reply has conducted a study to research the field of Digital Customer Care (DCC) by performing in-depth interviews with digital customer service executives of large German corporations as well as Digital Experience technology suppliers. Furthermore, a technical benchmarking analysis of both B2C web and mobile services has been conducted.


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The creative agency of Reply, Bitmama, and the data driven marketing company Like Reply work together for a 360° strategic consultancy dedicated to the Amazon world.



ARIA - Virtual Personal Shopper

ARIA - Virtual Personal Shopper combines a real-time 3D configurator with a conversational interface, to make the digital experience between a product and its users as natural and straightforward as possible, both online and in-store. Reply's goal is to offer brands a practical and scalable product for all their commercial needs.



TUC Virtual Store

The VR Configurator for the mobility experience of the future. TUC Technology represents a big leap forward, opening new frontiers in the mobility world. For the first time in history, we are able to offer private spaces in mass mobility.



VTO - Virtual Try on Solutions

The idea of Virtual Try-On (a branch of the Virtual Fitting Room concept) consists, literally, in trying on a product without physically having it, wearing a virtual 3D model on the display of a smartphone and configuring it with an Augmented Reality application.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

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Consumer trust in brands has plummeted over the years which has been driven by how brands are managing our data. Consumers can make a conscious decision to provide access to their data via a contract that benefits both parties. This would be a positive step in the right direction to rebuild trust in this data-driven age.


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Sophy is your e-commerce chatbot that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It understands your customers’ needs and supports them with personalised advice – from choosing the product to completing their purchase.




Ecwall VR Showroom

Photorealistic reproduction in a virtual reality environment of architectural elements.


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1000 Dealers and a Single Digital Programme

The challenge faced by the FCA Group with the Dealer Digital Programme is that of transforming the relationship between the dealer and the end user, utilising digital channels as a lead generation tool.

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A new way to manage payments through smart objects

It will no longer be the consumer to initiate a payment using digital devices, but the object that will understand the context and pay for the service, then deliver it directly. Pay Reply, with a team of payment architects, is designing and planning digital payment solutions in which it is no longer people who do the buying, but “smart” objects.

Voice Interaction


Voice Interaction Gets Contextual

Voice experiences are radically changing the way we interact with technology. Connect Reply joins the physical and digital world, crafting amazing IoT technology. Connect Reply is experiencing the true beginning of the Internet of Things era, in which the physical and digital world talk to each other and empower people and businesses.

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Digital Commerce


Tools and Techniques for Omnichannel Marketing

Companies wishing to attract prospective customers, retain existing customers and successfully market their products and services must cater to different channels as seamlessly as possible while taking all channels into consideration. It is thus important to know the specifics of each channel and to employ the right tools and techniques. Susanne Zander, Partner at Syskoplan Reply and Reply Practice Leader Commerce explains how this works in practice and how far companies have come.

Digital Commerce

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The next Business Transformation

Data-driven experimentation is the key to more
growth in digital commerce. Portaltech Reply
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A modern digital experience for pencils with a long history

Neveling Reply is the International Technical Lead Agency for CMS and e-commerce at Faber-Castell. In this role the agency accompanied the long-standing company on its way towards digitisation with the design of a new website with an integrated web shop.

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Dark Store Picking for e-Commerce

Digitail s.r.l., the Coop Alleanza 3.0 affiliate company, has adopted the SideUp Reply Pick&Pack solution in support of its new e-commerce food service.



Spatial Computing and the AR Cloud – The next wave of computing is here

It’s an amazing time to be alive and experience what was previously science fiction becoming a reality with Spatial Computing devices like the HoloLens 2 and the AR Cloud, the digital copy of our physical world.

Human machine interfaces

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Smart Retail, take a photo and buy

Using AI and Machine Learning, Portaltech Reply has created a mobile app that brings the physical and digital worlds closer together, simplifying the purchase and increasing customer engagement.


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Hypervsn 3D: holograms for Digital Marketing

Created to catch the public’s attention, Hypervsn's 3D holograms are the ideal high-impact instrument for events, exhibitions and retail, to support branded content and new business opportunities. Protocube Reply, thanks to this technology, can support its customers in the creation of 3D animations of their products.