Enable a remote workforce

Restart your business with remote working

The first response to Covid-19 has been the adoption of remote working

One of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the forced adoption of remote working for many companies, and the consequent issues related to access to documents, assets and information from different locations. For most of them this has been a 'not-planned' emergency plan from an IT point of view, resulting in an initial rush to implement the minimal conditions to enable communication and sharing document tools to assure business continuity.

The companies that take advantage of the shared sense of emergency and need for change to improve company culture and working tools will most likely get some positive benefit in the long run. On the contrary, not adopting the required steps can bring inefficiency and frustrated employees, resulting in business and talent loss.

In this scenario, it is of key importance to quickly assess the current situation to not lose the opportunity and rapidly deploy a solution to enable an efficient and effective infrastructure to access documents, assets and information from different locations.

How can organisatons enable a remote workforce? Focus on key areas to lead the entire process

No solution fits all needs, but Reply has identified areas within which to focus the analysis, using a human-centered design approach to lead the entire process. Reply is helping companies toreconcile employees’ needs with company-wide vision and strategy by implementing the best solution with an end-to-end approach.

Productivity and collaboration – identify easy to use cloud-based productivity tools that facilitate collaboration and document-sharing. Videoconferencing and collaboration tools are not the only examples of how the cloud can help organizations in these moments of forced distance between people. Cloud means fast and secure remote work management, control over network access and user connection to VDI, secure access to on-premises core services and systems with federated access, enhanced flexibility and scalability of mobile and remote environment and overall control of the total cost of ownership. Augmented Reality Cloud technology could help in the post-pandemic scenario as well as increase collaboration thanks to Digital Twins, on-site design reviews in AR/MR, location data to visualize a heat map in AR/MR, immersive training, augmented intelligence for object recognition and much more.

Communication – keeping employees aligned with the decision process and openly sharing information within the entire team in an efficient and reliable way is important to avoid inefficiency. Reply is helping companies in identifying the needs and the best communication tools to allow people and teams to improve communication efficiency. Conference calls, video calls, chat, e-mail not only have to be available, but more importantly have to coexist and be leveraged based on the real needs of the decision process. Last but not least, these tools have to be reliable and easy-to-access for all. Immersive telepresence can provide a much more life-like experience, with holographic meetings using 3D volumetric video streaming and collaboration tools.

Data access – data is crucial to the decision-making process. Allowing easy and distributed access to data while working remotely is a key factor in making the right business decision.

Cybersecurity – this is an area that usually is under-evaluated by remote workers. Remote working brings an increased risk of scams and cyberattacks attempting to exploit less-secure connections. For this reason, organizations should focus on setting up and protecting the entire infrastructure – security, bandwidth, access permissions and hardware. Ensuring data security does not negatively affect the daily routine is of enormous importance.

In a period of forced remote working basic IT support might be overwhelmed. Reinforcing the IT Support Team with facilitators that can help other employees (less-experienced colleagues, new-joiners, …) overcome hurdles might decrease the pressure and improve efficiency.

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Due to the Corona crisis many Companies are becoming even more aware that many processes are still manual and non-digital. Efficient and remote (home) work is only possible with digitization. Now is the time to set up the organization of the future.

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Meably is a platform for iOS tablets composed of a series of integrated tools that make it possible to integrate and automate many of the operations involved in management and maintenance processes.  For the Protocube Reply R&D Department automating Sea Marconi’s management and maintenance processes represented a major challenge: that of developing an Industry 4.0 maintenance service based on the most advanced and reliable 3D technologies currently available.





Forge Reply developed a virtual reality application to showcase the working cycle and functionalities of the ACS system. Based on the Unity 3D game engine, the application allows the visualization of a 1:1 scale reproduction of the filling system thanks to the virtual reality headset HTC Vive. First person virtual reality navigation of a pharmaceutical laboratory with simulated hand controlled work cycles.




Holobeam is paving the way for immersive telepresence. Valorem developed a new holographic telepresence technology, HoloBeam. This real-time 3D remote communication technology is leading the way for AR/VR transformed collaboration, training, customer experiences and other vital business aspects in today's modern workplace.