Be flexible using cloud and automation

Cloud and Automation process to optimize business

An increasing need for processes automation

The current situation shows how important it is to have an overview of processes and to be able to assess them. Although Covid-19 can be seen as a black swan event, organizations can nevertheless prepare themselves for this kind of events, by being aware of processes.

Companies will need to find a close alignment between business process management and the development of modern applications in order to keep cost control and increase company efficiency, aspects that will be key especially during this re-starting phase. It’s time to be flexible, automating old and new processes while adopting cloud platforms to improve your resilience in the new business environment.

Reply, through its business automation offer will support customers in process and business optimization, with an eye on possible new strategies that could further leverage the automation of processes. Reply is able to optimize the use of resources according to a series of automations and an experienced background, which includes activities such as identifying Cloud resources with low-utilization and reducing cost by rightsizing, deleting idle (and useless) resources and applying autoscaling.

Focus automation on three key areas: critical business processes, planning and management, chatbots

As awareness for critical business processes is rising, the demand to automate processes in this area is increasing. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the first step of an automation journey, but most likely will not be sufficient to automate critical business processes. In most cases, critical business processes have more complex rules and need further decision input. Therefore, organizations can automate critical processes end to end with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

Automation will increase in the upcoming months and will be more focused on complex business logics instead of easy highly repetitive tasks. Technologies will support the move in three different ways:

Critical business processes will be the future focus of automation: Instead of handling simple repetitive tasks with software robots, automation can also be considered as a backup for core processes. Covid-19 showed, that maintaining critical operations, by all means, is one of the key challenges everyone faces.

AI allows for the efficient planning and management of digital robots: AI algorithms can prevent any shortage of critical managing and planning know-how, while ensuring the best fit management of the digital workforce at all time.

Chatbots ensure customer satisfaction and fast responses even in hard times: they are a powerful tool to handle not only simple repeating requests but also to initiate automated workflows. Combine them with RPA to initiate e.g. orders or pricing requests and process them right away, fully automated.

Cloud computing: improve speed and flexibility.

To adapt the needs of IT resources, according to the needs of the period, and to improve speed and flexibility of operations and supply chain, Cloud is key. Organizations that have already started their cloud journey can leverage both Reply’s Managed Service Provider and Cloud Concierge services.

Pay-per-use is one of the best benefits of the Cloud paradigm. However, organizations that have adopted the cloud without taking an automation path and leveraging a holistic approach could find themselves in a position of not reducing their costs enough, despite the fact that business applications do not currently require resources.

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Reply's technologies and applications of IPA

Implementing intelligent process automation within an enterprise requires advanced technologies. To simplify the move towards intelligent robotisation, Reply has developed seven accelerators.

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Tackling an automation project

Automating a process or, even better, a business area in your organisation therefore goes way beyond a mere IT project. Find out all aspects you should be aware of!

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Sprint Reply has designed the Intelligent Automation Framework: the architectural blueprint at the foundation of each Enterprise Automation implementation, created from the union of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platforms with Traditional System Integration.


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A monotonous and repetitive operation such as entering expense reports can be automated with a simple photo. A practical, real-world application of technology for Intelligent Process Automation.


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automating the reading of paper forms

To this day, the insurance, banking and financial sectors continue to make extensive use of paper forms. The new Intelligent Character Recognition technologies make it possible to rethink and automate the management of these documents.

Prediction & Prescription

Case Study


Reply supported one of the first Consumer Credit Company in Italy with millions of loans every year.

Target Reply‘s solution anticipates and automates fraud detection. It identifies serial fraudsters that change their habits to evade controls and creates more advanced and predictive models that fit in new and unknown contexts.

Prediction & Prescription

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Reply supported a large insurance company to identify potential fraudulent users.

Data Reply developed an unsupervised anomaly detection engine to separate fraudulent users from honest ones, so that no righteous person would be suspected to be guilty of an offence.


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The new challenge for Contact Centre Automation

Syskoplan Reply has developed a new customer care service using the Chatbot technologies for a leading multi-utility company. The chatbot represents a new communication channel, addressing users’ need for reliable and immediate answers made available thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence.


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Business Reply supported Linde in the implementation of Oracle Engagement Cloud for the EMEA Homecare business of Linde. Starting with Germany, Italy, France and Portugal, the solution has been broadened to other countries.


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Selex strengthens eCommerce infrastructure with AWS Cloud

Storm Reply, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, supported the Selex Commercial Group, starting from the early stages of migration to the company's day-by-day operations, through an active DevOps service based on the customer’s specific requirements.

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AWS accelerates the growth of InfoCert

InfoCert worked side-by-side with Storm Reply, a Premier Consulting level member of the AWS Partner Network and some key stakeholders to create trust with the partner and the cloud provider. Storm Reply advised Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the reliability, efficiency and the cost-saving it is able to offer and collaborated in the design, implementation and kick-off of the new infrastructure.


Case Study

Oracle Autonomous DWH at the service of online insurance

Red Reply accompanied Verti in its renewal programme, identifying the Oracle PaaS Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADWH) technology as the solution best suited to the needs of the insurance company.




Cluster Reply explained the principles of Hyperautomation by showing Microsoft Power Automate and how to use Artificial Intelligence with AI Builde.

Oracle Cloud


How to take advantage of cloud computing for Industrie 4.0 and Enterprise 4.0

Industrie 4.0 is characterised by increased production flexibility and by the union, combining and harmonisation of key technologies designed to provide the required simplicity, connectivity and openness for a new generation of Manufacturing plants. The CLOUD becomes an enabler and an essential factor that helps enterprises to complete the digital transformation process quickly, with the guidance and support of Red Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in technology and process consulting services on the Oracle Cloud platform.

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Overcoming the challenges of intelligent automation with Data Reply

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software is the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market. It’s easy to see why. Intelligent Automation (IA) and RPA tools automate repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up employees to do more high value work.

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Lavazza: highly scalable eCommerce platform

With the increasing trend in online purchases, Lavazza recognizes the need to update its eCommerce websites’ infrastructure to react more rapidly to market and demand changes. Thanks to Amazon Web Services, Storm Reply and Portaltech Reply, Lavazza was able to achieve the requirements and run its SAP Hybris platform integrated with social login components.

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