A NOTE FROM OUR CTO - Filippo Rizzante

“Thanks to our Customers, for letting us be their partner in difficult times, for their trust in our ability to support their operations affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and for the lessons we learnt together from business disruption and the unexpected effects.”

We saw Coronavirus affect China and studied its impacts through our China Beats platform. Then, together we faced the increasing spread across our home countries of Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and USA. Even if the emergency is not yet over, we think that now is the time to focus on what’s next. And to be better prepared for new emergencies and different lockdowns too, if any.

We want to give back to our business community by sharing some insights we collected from our customers, our people, and our partners across the globe. Our field experience tells us that there’s no universal how-to-do-it guide valid for each of the several industries we’re working with, like manufacturing, retail, banking, telco, insurance... However, we have tried to distinguish what’s common and shared with you some case studies from each industry.

Some things will change deeply, but some won’t. We’ll keep working with our customers to understand the impacts of Covid-19 on business, operations, security, and ICT. Our experts are focused on designing customer experiences, both B2B and B2C, that can better adapt to the changing realities of every single market. We think that digital consumption will continue to be overwhelming, as it has been in these last months, but we are sure that physical retail will find innovative and effective ways of facing the new environment.

The whole idea of “business continuity” has been challenged. Global supply chains have been strongly affected and companies have been forced to adapt their planning, production and operations to address these impacts and to supply goods and services quickly, safely and securely. The skyrocketing of cloud platforms usage is public evidence. What’s under the hood is the enormous growth of process automation and cybersecurity efforts. We’re facing new landscapes and a lot of professionals and board rooms now understand the relevance of 3D, mixed reality, and enterprise social platforms.

I’m so grateful to the people of Reply as they continue facing our customers' challenges with enthusiasm and devotion in many ongoing projects, often undertaken in full-digital collaboration. We’ll keep implementing social distancing, but every day we’re getting bolder about tools, processes, and security for our whole business environment. We’ll keep learning together, safety first.

Now it’s time to look forward. It’s time to restart. Again, together.

Filippo Rizzante, CTO, Reply Group



Running several projects for B2B and B2C organizations operating in industries like healthcare, logistics, public services, telco, financial services, and manufacturing gave us the opportunity to identify and share five actions about improving their way of working, their offering, and their business continuity.

Restart your business with remote working

Did your workforce use temporary tools in order to collaborate with partners and interact remotely with customers?

Now it’s time to support them with enterprise-level solutions and processes to relieve their stress while improving productivity, no matter where your different stakeholders are.

One of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the forced adoption of remote-working for many companies with, as a consequence, several issues arising related to the access to documents, assets and information from different locations. For most of them, this has been a 'not-planned' emergency plan, from an IT point of view, resulting in an initial rush to implement the minimal conditions required to enable communication and sharing document tools to assure business continuity.

Reply is helping companies to reconcile employees’ needs with company-wide vision and strategy by implementing the best solution with an end-to-end approach.

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Are your employees scared to leave their homes and come back to work?

Businesses who think of their Covid-19 workplace reintegration strategy as not only a necessary process, but also a unique opportunity to deliver a positive employee experience will set themselves apart.

Now it’s time to implement easy solutions for managing social distancing in the workplace while also restoring the trust and engagement of your colleagues.

Even if there is no turn-key manual for successfully running a business during an unprecedented crisis, Reply has designed and tested a number of solutions to support companies and organizations to overcome different business challenges while maintaining social distancing and the security of its workforce.

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Spatial Computing depth sensing 3D cameras for social distance
Reshape customer experience after Covid-19

Did your B2C or B2B customers' needs suddenly change and keep changing?

A completely new scenario is being built and evolving in front of our eyes from a business and strategic perspective. A transformation that will not only be temporary for a more or less long phase of restart, but that will probably be definitive.

Now it’s time to reshape your customer experience, designing fast new products and services to be distributed through every channel, with communication plans coherent with these times.

Reply expertise and knowledge in the design of digital experiences will support customers to understand and map the new needs, issues and opportunities raised in this totally new context.

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Did the pandemic suddenly change long-standing processes, requiring new applications never seen before on your architecture?

Rebooting after a period of changes will lead companies to focus even more on business automation. Companies will need to find a close alignment between business process management and the development of modern applications in order to keep cost control and increase the company’s efficiency, aspects that will be key especially during this re-starting phase.

Now it’s time to be flexible, automating old and new processes while adopting cloud platforms to improve your resilience in the new business environment.

Reply will support customers in processes and business optimization, with an eye on possible new strategies that could further leverage process automation.

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Cloud and Automation process to optimize business
Resilience as key to face disruptions after pandemic

Are your operations “future-ready”, when the future could be drastically different tomorrow or in one year from today?

In the current condition where the future looks uncertain, it is even harder to tell what "business as usual" will look like. Businesses need to confront themselves with unpredictability and complexity and to find their very own way to maintain business continuity and introduce new agile management practices.

Now it’s time to review your business continuity plans, focusing on flexible supply chains and being aware of increasing security threats.

Reply is well equipped with skills and experience in supporting companies and organizations navigating through stormy waters, facing new challenges, mitigating risks, and ensuring continuity of operations and production.

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Tune in to hear from Reply’s subject matter specialists as they dive deep into the latest industry news, new and innovative technology solutions and the issues affecting your business.



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FROM 10.00 TO 10.45 A.M. BST

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Advergames, an entertainment model for any marketing objective

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Like Reply presented the Retail Digital Program, adopting the storytelling method, in order to highlight the program’s pillars. Register to the sessions to know opportunities for helping Local Business grow by Digital Marketing.

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Cloud in Financial Services - Second Webinar

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Emerging Trends: Post-COVID-19 Supply Chain Management

COVID-19 is changing the retail landscape and impacting all areas of the supply chain. A panel of industry spokesman and subject matter experts to discuss emerging trends, immediate challenges, and the best responses.

25.05.2020 / Italian Language


Post Pandemic Response: People density reduction & permanence rules

During this webinar, Reply Security specialists shared a strong model to adopt in terms of organizational security and regulatory compliance in order to guarantee the best tailored approach to offer to our clients in facing the “return to normal” process after COVID-19.



How to build a data-driven marketing automation program

The digital world today offers customers many ways and channels to interact with Brands. The level of their expectations has strongly increased over the years.



How can Smart Working be compliant with company security policy

In order to guarantee business continuity during COVID-19 emergency, companies started to focus on alternative ways to carry out working activities revaluating Smart Working potentialities.

20.05.2020 / Italian Language


Demand forecasting: machine learning solutions for automated prediction

This webinar hosted by Cluster Reply provided an in-depth overview of a forecasting tool developed for the manufacturing industry.

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Cloud in Financial Services - First Webinar

This webinar has been designed to help the C-Suite, Board Members, CIOs/Heads of Infrastructure and Architecture in Financial Institutions better understand the benefits and challenges of moving to the Cloud.

15.05.2020 / Italian Language


MLOPS: handle Machine Learning in production with AWS

In this webinar Data Reply illustrated which are the challenges of taking a machine learning model in production and how MLOps principles can be applied to solve them in a real business case scenario.

14.05.2020 / English Language


Webinars & Marketing Automation: How they can work together

Like Reply gave you five reasons why your webinar strategy should be linked to your marketing automation system. The experts provided an overview of how you can ideally leverage your webinars with your solution.



Gaining control of Supply Chain quality

How low-code is changing the way to look at Supply Chain Management? During this Webinar Industrie Reply and Creatio presented how low-code technology can increase effectiveness of your supply chain and help drive more value from it.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration with Cluster Reply: The Motors.co.uk story

During this webinar Cluster Reply supported you to ensure that you take the right path, at the right time, to optimise and future proof your cloud migration journey.



Document cracking with Azure Cognitive Services and Form Recognizer

During this Webinar Cluster Reply explained how Machine Learning and Azure Form Recognizer can be used to extract structured information from heterogeneous documents.

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5 Things you need for your Digital Lead Capture

During this webinar, Like Reply provided an overview of the key elements that make your B2B lead management process successful. The focus of the tactics will be on longer-term lead cycles with a sales person involved in the process.