August 2014


This month we’re diving headfirst into wearable tech. So let's take a closer look at what's currently out there and how it could shape our daily lives in the future.

A key issue of any wearable tech is what can you use it for (and where do you wear it?). One obvious and popular area to wear a device is the hand and, in particular, the finger. Check out Fin, Nod and Ring. These all use gesture tracking to interact with the world.

Don’t like rings? How about AirType bands that allow you to type without a keyboard, or the Nymi wristband that uses your unique heartbeat to authenticate your identity and let you control a whole range of linked up devices. Then moving further up the arm, there's the MYO armband. The organization behind this is also working on an interesting cross-over project with the Oculus Rift.

What about activity tracking and monitoring? Fitbit and UP by Jawbone have blazed a trail, but there are other competitors: modular armband NEX, social data oriented Nabu, and the smart shoe Lechal, that vibrates to show you the way home.

But it's in the world of fitness that wearables show their true power: meet multi-tasking activity tracking MOOV, the elegant and jewel-like designed SHINE, and Sensoria, a family of products that help optimize individual performances through highly personalized feedback.

Looking for something different? Take a look at headsets like Emotiv Epoc and MUSE, that can monitor real-time ECG data and interact with other devices just by thinking about it.

On top of all this, the wearable world is full or rumours about Apple's new iWatch. And the reason they bought Beats is because it produces the most fashionable and cool wearable products in the market today. Headphones are definitely just a start.

Google isn't hanging around, with the Google Glass (do you really need a link?) and Android Wear is its mobile operative system dedicated exclusively to wearables.

That’s it, wearables world in twenty links, see you next month on R20!

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VR, the time is now

It can be virtual, immersive, augmented, mixed, but is it going to be a reality? This time the Reply R20 journey is dedicated to one of the hottest trend around, Virtual Reality, with the tons of new devices and applications developed and ready to face the consumer market.

The time is now, follow us.

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Home, Tech Home

There's no place like home in the world, they say, and the digital revolution is affecting even the simple daily life under the roof.

From interior design to the energy bill passing through the green behaviors, follow us in this Reply’s R20 issue dedicated to the technology that is filling your house.

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Kids & Technology

R20 is an article published on the Reply website and focused on one emerging trend or technology, with 20 links to related sources. A Reply’s point of view on “the next big thing”. Welcome to the first issue of R20! In each issue we'll focus on a particular area or technology trend in just 20 links. We hope it feeds your imagination, expands your mind and stimulates your creativity. In this first issue, we're exploring the theme of kids and technology. So let's have a look at what's out there.

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