April 2016

VR, the time is now

It can be virtual, immersive, augmented, mixed, but is it going to be a reality?

It seems quite chaotic to me.

Let’s try to clarify the matter: there are two main approaches on how to maximize the Virtual Reality chances in the consumer market. The first one is oriented on the high quality experience, with high resolution, no latency and a really powerful immersive experience. The two main players here are the Oculus Rift, supported by the brand new Facebook Social VR Team, and the HTC Vive, in a strong partnership with VALVE’s Steam. The second one is centered around the Google Cardboard that are dedicated to getting VR devices and experiences into as many hands and onto as many faces as possible it’s full of nice examples.

Waiting for some fancy applications.

You can draw in a free virtual space with Tilt Brush, choose your furniture in the Ikea VR experience and travel to Tatooine. Just to say. Are you persuaded? Think about entertainment during your flights, read the news in a new form of storytelling experience, browse a book or play a new generation of videogames.

I got the virtual and immersive, what about the others?

If on one side you are going to be immersed in a new reality, on the other you will augment your ability to interact with the reality around you. See the Orion project by Leap Motion, Magic Leap with its mysterious device live action and the Hololens by Microsoft. It can make teleportation a reality, travel you to Mars and actually change the way we work collaboratively.

Is this going to be real?

You can bet: everything you’ve seen here is in the brand new Forge Reply’s Area360. Enjoy!

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