December 2015

These are the droids you're looking for

Drones, robots and machines are shaping our present and a fleet of flying, rolling and walking operators will disrupt the future. Are you scared or curious?

It's Xmas time!

The future has been shown at the last Drone World Expo in the heart of Silicon Valley: there's a mountain of money to be made in this nascent industry, perhaps almost $12 billion a year by 2023 and the drone market ecosystem map is getting wider and wider.

What about my Xmas gifts guide?

Not this year, sorry. Drone industry is going to affect our daily life, with tons of new drones coming in the market: commercial (and military) drones as the Flexrotor, consumer drones as the Karma by GoPro and delivery drones as Starship and the new fleet of Amazon. We're going to have dedicated airports and plenty of drone related services: you can manage your aerial data, build entire commercial solutions or boost your supply chain application with the upcoming Reply Platform.

So, no gadgets, right?

Ideas are better: meet Raff D'Andrea and his stunning work on drones and robots technology. A little biographic tip: in 2012 he sold its startup KIVA to Amazon for $775 millions. Now Amazon Robotics is a fleet of tens of thousands robots working in their fulfilment centers.

That's amazing! Wait: are those drones or robots?

Even the word "robot" is going to be meaningless. All the tech giants are working to build robotics departments: see Uber strategies, Google difficulties in finding a unique vision for its Replicant robotics army and Disney Research experiments that leads to something maybe you've heard about.


BB-8 droid from the "Star Wars: the Force Awakens" movie, in theaters from December 16th. It works well as a Xmas gift, too :) Happy holidays see you in 2016!

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Blockchain, from Bitcoins and beyond

This time our 20-links story starts in a mysterious way in 2008, with a research paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous for an unknown person (or a group of) dedicated to a "purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash", AKA the Bitcoins.

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Gamification is not over

Do you remember this fancy not-so-old trend known as gamification, the art of apply game related techniques to the real world? One news for you: gamification is not dead, it’s still a trend and it’s spreading in a wide range of fields.

Another one? 20 links to learn more in this R20. Follow us!

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Back to school!

Welcome everyone, hope you’re ready to be back in business!

We’re here to help with our special selection of 20 links, this time dedicated to all the high-school and university students who are warming up to be back on books!

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