February 2016

The talent quest

Millennials and the Generation Z are no longer going to find their jobs in a traditional way. They’re living a different world. Today. And by living it, they’re shaping their future work places.

Actually, I can’t find any difference

Sure? Do you know Tinder? Switch is the same thing, but for recruiting. FameBit is where Millennials content creators meet employers and Gigwalk let them earn money as a mobile army of consumers.

I’m more afraid in the future a machine will do my job…

That’s surely an option, but the future of work is shaping nowadays: the freelancers army is boosting the way we collaborate asking for new tools like Gigjam by Microsoft. Want more? re:work by Google is here to predict the future of work.

How to get ready for this?

Become familiar with these two words: lifelong learning. You’re going to work and learn, everyday. Whatever you want to do, you’re gonna need digital and coding skills. And this is not going to stop: you’re responsible of your own education in this evolving landscape. Services like MyEdu and Degreed will help you to track the digital courses you’re following, the video you’re viewing, the events you’re attending, and so on.

Let’s say I’m a very talented guy…

Here comes the war. Companies are strongly battling for talents - and governments are recognizing the need to have a tech talent pipeline too, ever heard of TechHire? - showing in the best way their culture, identity and way of doing. You can look for the best reviews on Glassdoor, the most trending startup on StartupSort, the one with the coolest offices on Tyba and count on machine learning based hiring with Sourced.

No more resumes?

They’re changing, as everything. You can present yourself to hiring companies by showing your best projects and ideas on LinkedIn Students Publication and Reply U Talents. CoderStats let you show your coding skills through your GitHub statistics and platforms like Hackajob and CodeFights is the place to show your ability with a coding battle proposed by hiring companies, too. Knowledge sharing, marketing and hiring: all in one. Pretty cool, uh?

Ok. I’m ready, how to get hired?

Well, then drop Reply a line first and keep following the R20!

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These are the droids you're looking for

Drones, robots and machines are shaping our present and a fleet of flying, rolling and walking operators will disrupt the future.

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Blockchain, from Bitcoins and beyond

This time our 20-links story starts in a mysterious way in 2008, with a research paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous for an unknown person (or a group of) dedicated to a "purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash", AKA the Bitcoins.

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