February 2015

Life in 3D

And we’re back, Reply’s official trending tech news review is ready with its 20 links to guide you in one of the most exciting outlook: a mixed vision of augmented and virtual reality, where physical and digital are mixed, the Life in 3D.

Inevitably we have to start with Oculus Rift headset: waiting for the consumer version, any kind of experiment worths: to produce a movie (and Oculus has its own studio for that), to explore a crime scene, to spend some time on a flight and…even to code, engineers!

But headsets’ offering is growing more and more, with a lot of big and small active players on the stage: Sony has presented the PlayStation device Morpheus, Samsung is working in collaboration with Oculus on the Gear VR, Cortex by Sulon seems promising, here’s the open source headset OSVR by Razer and meet one of the most interesting consumer product, the Glyph by Avegant.

Around virtual reality helmets a background of different projects growths, like Cyberith and Virtuix Omni gaming devices, the PINC mobile viewer and the YouTube for immersive reality, vcemo.

Ok, but what’s next? Google is working on something big with the acquisition of MagicLeap, a super secret start-up working on what’s beyond Google Glass, and while developing tons of Cardboard applications, it’s working on the Project Tango, a tablet with integrated 3D scanner.

Want more? Take a look at cutting edge experiments as Microsoft’s RoomAlive, Gravity 3D sketching, SCIO molecular scanner and furthermore the Microsoft Hololens project.

Wondering what does the future bring for you? For sure, another R20 Break next month! Stay tuned!​

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Future of Automotive

Welcome to 2015, pioneers! We’re ready for a brand new year, full of new innovative challenges and disruptive techonologies.

Follow us in this first 2015 edition of R20 tech review, this time dedicated to automotive and transportation.

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Gifts and gadgets

Hi there!

It’s Christmas time and we would like to dedicate an entire R20 Break to gifts, gadgets and tips to let you be a tech pioneer in your wishlist.

Are you ready? Jump on board!

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Health and Fitness Tech

​Here we go pioneers, it’s R20 break time, our monthly drill-down review on a cutting edge tech trend.

We’re going to tell you something about health and fitness technologies. Let’s start with right posture...

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