August 2015

Let's travel!

Sun is shining, sea is waiting and so it’s time to unplug the PC, pack your stuff and explore the world for a while! Join this R20 session with our tech deep dive in 20 useful links to plan a digital journey somewhere in the physical world.

Where to go? Start with TravelScore and see how many countries you’ve visited, install WanderTab to get inspired a bit more and plan everything with your friends on Tripcake. Need flights information? Try Hipmunk, "the best travel site on the web". Period.

Taylor will help you in any inconvenience during your travel and in case of emergency find the best doctor with TravelDoc. No service? No problem, meet GoTenna!

Worried about your baggage? Try DUFL and meet Trakdot, to follow your bag in any step when you’re far from it. And what about your journey memories? Take a video with Graava and you’ll not drive crazy to edit it, or if you have a drone share your flying experience on TravelByDrone.

Discover something new to do thanks to local people on LocalFu, or explore the Perfect Days with Peek. Geeks, wanna try something new? AirBnB is open for business travels too and if you want more, then the completely robot managed Henn-na Hotel in Japan is worth a visit.

Now you’re far from home, but Cocoon (part of the Breed Reply family) is there to monitor and keep everything safe. Furthermore, Droplet will smartly take care of your garden.

When you’re back, check on Google Maps Timeline each moment of your trip and if the world is not enough, explore the universe following the music already travelling through the space!

See you next month, travellers, have a pleasant journey!

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Call for Makers

Welcome back pioneers!

Feelin’ ready to explore a new trending tech? We’re here to see how 3D printing machines and DIY culture is growing in a more mature movement, affecting pretty much every industry.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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Banks in Millennials' age

Do you know it? Millennials prefer to go to the dentist for a root canal then entering in a bank. That’s why Reply organizes the Student Bank Clash, an idea generation challenge for students from Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano universities at the annual Reply Xchange event on June 17th.

So let’s go deep in this field, banks are probably the industry most likely to be transformed by Millennials.

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Feed the Future

Feelin’ hungry? I mean, it’s been a month since the last R20 journey, do you miss it?

It’s again time for the official Reply monthly drill down on a single tech topic and this issue is completly dedicated to the food.

Set the table and start reading!

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