R20 is an article published on the Reply website and focused on one emerging trend or technology, with 20 links to related sources. In each issue we'll focus on a particular area or technology trend in just 20 links.

Most of the hardware projects designed for kids are based on the principle of ‘learning by doing’. Check out littleBits for a great introduction to electronics basics, Circuit Scribe to sketch working circuits instantly, and 3Doodler for small 3D printing projects.

And what’s more important than code learning? Here’s Kano, a small and playful computer and coding kit, based on Raspberry PI and Scratch, an open source language which provide code learning activities and exercises for kids.

In fact, learning to code is one of the hottest trends in town! There are numerous projects to improve kids’ coding skills, such as Codeacademy and Coder Dojo. How about trying Code Combat and Code Monster – two visual and fun platforms that help you learn code basics. And when kids are ready for a bigger challenge, they can join Createhs. And for kids who want to learn about more than just coding, try Timbutktu and TocaBoca.

Don’t forget to have some play time! Meet Bo & Yana and MiniDrone & Jumping Sumo, the next generation of must-have toys for kids (and adults!). Looking for something more traditional? Try Anki, a new concept in racing toy cars, and PowerUp, the ingenious solution that turns a simple paper plane into a flying device controlled by smartphone.

If you’re a parent, take a look at Budsies and ColarApp and bring your kids’ creations to life in 3D. And if you want to stay more connected with your children and worry less, here’s Filip, a smart-watch and phone in one.

And last but not least. Kids love to experiment and play, and what better way than with a white room and thousands of stickers?


What about Reply 4 kids? And here we are with the R20+1 link!
To share the passion that drives the Reply network, in summer 2014 Reply launches the initiative Reply Movement with the ultimate goal to introduce children to innovative technology. Reply will go to a primary school in Germany, Italy and the UK for a one-day technology and coding workshop to spark kids’ enthusiasm for the digital world they grew up in.

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