March 2015

Inspirational sources

How to keep you up to date with new ideas and products? How to constantly feed your brain with new inspirational resources? That’s the R20 mission, and because we heard you like it, we dedicate this edition to new ideas sources.

First of all the freshly served news: save on your bookmarks Y Combinator’s Hacker News, LayerVault’s Designer News and the Business Insider’s 10 Thing you need to know today.

Some resources can keep you up to date with all the new products upcoming, as Product Hunt and relative community of tech hunters Uberhunters, Forekast crowdsourced calendar and Lanyrd international tech event repository.

It’s all about continuous learning, the best way to improve your skills, so keep up to date about your interests with RefreshBox, have a look at Startup Stash repository and follow quest for code last trends. Do you want more? Take a look at the ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar, Andreessen Horowitz 16 Things trends to watch and Mattermark Daily business and start-ups newsletter.

Visual communication is now not even a trend, but definitely a must, so feed your eyes with the Abduzeedo’s Daily Inspiration and give a try to Niice search engine to look for what you need. What’s next? Say goodbye to PowerPoint and meet Sway.

Idea generation can be a business too, as done by Braineet, where companies brainstorm with students and freelances to gain new ideas, IdeaMarket and Reply’s Starbytes community.

In conclusion have a look at Microsoft’s Productivity Vision where we will work and collaborate in a digital environment to generate always new ideas.

See you next R20, pioneers!

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Life in 3D

And we’re back, Reply’s official trending tech news review is ready with its 20 links to guide you in one of the most exciting outlook: a mixed vision of augmented and virtual reality, where physical and digital are mixed, the Life in 3D.

Let’s start!

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Future of Automotive

Welcome to 2015, pioneers! We’re ready for a brand new year, full of new innovative challenges and disruptive techonologies.

Follow us in this first 2015 edition of R20 tech review, this time dedicated to automotive and transportation.

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Gifts and gadgets

Hi there!

It’s Christmas time and we would like to dedicate an entire R20 Break to gifts, gadgets and tips to let you be a tech pioneer in your wishlist.

Are you ready? Jump on board!

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