March 2016

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There’s no place like home in the world, they say, and the digital revolution is affecting even the simple daily life under the roof. From interior design to the energy bill passing through the green behaviors, follow us in this Reply’s R20 issue.

Knock knock, I’m here.

And you could have found us thanks to What3Words, a startup that is changing coordinates in the world in an easy to remember string of three words. Forget the keys: see Lockitron and August to open the door.

Ok, I’m in.

Now it’s all a matter of interaction with everything around you in the so-called Ambient User Experience, where your devices and sensors communicate following your behaviors. Have a look at the future with MIT’s Reality Editor concept. Too futuristic? See more present examples like Flic and

Are we going to have a button for everything?

In a house completely independent in energy and connectivity, like in the Acre project, or by installing a Tesla Powerwall in the basement. Do you want more? Build your own IoT device with a Raspberry PI and some creativity. What about a smart mirror?

You got me. How to design my own?

Ask for help on Cocontest and Havenly, with a community of architects and designers ready to sketch your nest in a crowd-sourcing way. And with Furnish you can check how those couch fits in your living room before buying it.

Any smart gadget to fill it?

Grow delicious organic fruits all year-round with Grove, control all your home devices with Zuli smart plugs, reduce your water consumption with Nebia and check the quality of the air you breath with Awair. Do you want more? Meet Beam, one the coolest gadget around and join the GreenApes community to share your sustainable behaviors with other homeowners around the world.

Green, connected and energy efficient: is this my future home?

Make a step forward; meet The Mile by Carlo Ratti as shown in our cover picture. See you next R20, pioneers!

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The talent quest

Millennials and the Generation Z are no longer going to find their jobs in a traditional way. They’re living a different world. Today. And by living it, they’re shaping their future work places.

Join us in this R20 edition of the future of hiring.

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Reply's R20 is the monthly journey into a tech trending topic. In 20 links you can learn more the technologies that are shaping our future.

Follow us, this time we're going deep in Artificial Intelligences and personal assistants.

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These are the droids you're looking for

Drones, robots and machines are shaping our present and a fleet of flying, rolling and walking operators will disrupt the future.

Are you scared or curious? Follow us in this last R20 issue for 2015.

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