November 2014

Health and Fitness Tech

Here we go pioneers, it’s R20 break time, our monthly drill-down review on a cutting edge tech trend. We’re going to tell you something about health and fitness technologies.

Let’s start with right posture, meet LumoBack and LumoLift, their gently vibrations remind you to stand tall, tracking steps, distances and calories. Another example? LEO, the future of fitness intelligence with injury prevention system.

Talking about prevention, how’s important to have periodic check-ups? Take a look at CUE analysis proof of concept, iHealth’s Align glucometer device and Theranos effort to reinvent blood test analysis, a billionaire idea. Looking for something more futuristic? Meet Scanadu Scout, directly from Star Trek.

But medicine can be helped by technology in a more hardware way, too, as in the case of ReWalk exoskeleton project and DEKA mind controlled prosthetic arm made by Segway inventor. Want more? What about this 3D printed Iron Man like Arduino powered prosthetic hand for kids? Simply awesome.

And baby monitoring is even more important, that’s the idea of these three little wearable projects: Sproutling, Owlet and Mimo.

These are little start-ups, but what about tech giants? Apple is working on its Healthkit platfom, Microsoft has launched Band wearable device and Google is on different fields, as always: we’ve first augmented reality experiments with Google Glass, some tests to connect doctors with patients through symptoms search engine and Google X super secret research to develop an early disease detection system based on big data.

One more idea? Uber Health, pretty smart. And that’s the final link readers, see you next month with our 20 links review.

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Drones and Robotics

Welcome again, tech passionates!

We’re ready to go with the 4th edition of R20, our 20 links review of one technology trend. This time we’re going to focus on drones and robotics.

Would you start with something you can already play with? Looking for something new? Do you need services more than products? Discover more.

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The future of payments

R20, edition number 3, September 2014. Back from the summer holidays, this edition is dedicated to the future of payments: cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer banking and in-store purchases.

Let’s start with the services that support web transactions and purchases. Are you ready?

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Welcome to the second edition of R20 - our monthly review of links and resources focused on a major technology trend or topic. This month we’re diving headfirst into wearable tech. So let's take a closer look at what's currently out there and how it could shape our daily lives in the future.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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