January 2015

Future of Automotive

We’re ready for a brand new year, full of new innovative challenges and disruptive technologies. Follow us in this first 2015 edition of R20 tech review, this time dedicated to automotive and transportation.

It’s been CES days in Vegas, with a lot of new products’ announcements as the futuristic Mercedes Benz F 015 concept, the gesture controls on Volkswagen Golf R Touch and the Blue Link smartwatch app by Hyundai. Want more? Parrot has presented its infotainment solutions, as the RNB6 powered by Android.

Furthermore, talking about infotainment and in-car interactions, Nvidia has presented at CES the Drive CX digital cockpit computer and the Drive PX auto-pilot car system. And if you’re more interested in engines rather than screens, follow fuel cell dedicated researches by Toyota and Honda. Both of them have shared their patents in bid to make hydrogen cars happen, as already done by Tesla with its electric car technology. This is the kind of disruption we like, something as a solid metal snake to recharge your car battery!

What about Google? The Google Car is already on roads, and to learn more take a look at the Oatmeal funny thoughts about self-driving car experience. As always, on the software side, the clash is between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

If everything seems too futuristic, here’s something already available: Automatic car app and Metromile data tracker, and if it’s enough for you about cars, take a look at Gogoro, electric scooter of the future.

There’s time for one last link, so meet Carduino, an easy and hands-on way to experiment with the future of automotive.

See you next month with another drill down on innovative technology with R20 by Reply.

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Gifts and gadgets

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It’s Christmas time and we would like to dedicate an entire R20 Break to gifts, gadgets and tips to let you be a tech pioneer in your wishlist.

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Health and Fitness Tech

​Here we go pioneers, it’s R20 break time, our monthly drill-down review on a cutting edge tech trend.

We’re going to tell you something about health and fitness technologies. Let’s start with right posture...

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Drones and Robotics

Welcome again, tech passionates!

We’re ready to go with the 4th edition of R20, our 20 links review of one technology trend. This time we’re going to focus on drones and robotics.

Would you start with something you can already play with? Looking for something new? Do you need services more than products? Discover more.

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