October 2014

Drones and Robotics

Welcome again, tech passionates! We’re ready to go with the 4th edition of R20, our 20 links review of one technology trend. This time we’re going to focus on drones and robotics.

Let’s start with something you can already play with, like Ollie, the Sphero family new member, Bepop drone by Parrott or Iris, the brand new creature from pioneer drone producer 3D robotics.

Looking for something new? Take a look at Nixie, the first wearable flying camera, try the Pocket Printer, a new way to print your documents and meet home assistant robot Jibo.

Do you need services more than products? Here we go with Skycatch’s autonomous data capture solutions and DroneDeploy aerial mapping platform, San Francisco based drone delivery service QuiQui. And why don’t you try by yourself with some lines of JavaScript code with Cylon.js?

Autonomous delivery service is something interesting for big companies too, like Amazon, that has brilliantly announced its drone army before past Cyber Monday, and Google who has presented the Project Wing. Talking about Google, meet the bunch of companies already acquired and developing advanced robotic, like Boston Dynamics' products, Bot&Dolly movie productions, Schaft and Meka robots.

Big G is not the only player in robotics game, take a look at Japanese companies’ products like Pepper, proudly made by Softbank, and Aldebaran robotic football players. Other examples? Here’s Knightscope public security drone (fear of Terminator?) and Robobees insects-like creatures.

Our twenty links are finished, but here’s one more to let you see Sparked, Cirque du Soleil latest drone-driven creation. See you next month, pioneers!

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The future of payments

R20, edition number 3, September 2014. Back from the summer holidays, this edition is dedicated to the future of payments: cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer banking and in-store purchases.

Let’s start with the services that support web transactions and purchases. Are you ready?

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Welcome to the second edition of R20 - our monthly review of links and resources focused on a major technology trend or topic. This month we’re diving headfirst into wearable tech. So let's take a closer look at what's currently out there and how it could shape our daily lives in the future.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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Kids & Technology

R20 is an article published on the Reply website and focused on one emerging trend or technology, with 20 links to related sources. A Reply’s point of view on “the next big thing”. Welcome to the first issue of R20! In each issue we'll focus on a particular area or technology trend in just 20 links. We hope it feeds your imagination, expands your mind and stimulates your creativity. In this first issue, we're exploring the theme of kids and technology. So let's have a look at what's out there.

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