Call for Makers

Welcome back pioneers! Feelin’ ready to explore a new trending tech? We’re here to see how 3D printing machines and DIY culture is growing in a more mature movement, affecting pretty much every industry.

Let's start from 3D printing: consumer-centric machines are coming, as the New Matter's MOD-t, and new printing technologies are rising using methals, as MarkOne, or resin and UV rays, as iBOX nano, Ember and Carbon3D. Want more? Meet HP's MultiJetFusion technology and Shieffield University high speed sintering.

Are you worried about your 3D modeling skills? No worries: Thingverse, Pinshape and Shapeways are full of ready-to-print creations and tools, as the first wrench printed in space. Need more help? Join DIY communities, as Instructables or simply order what you need to Fictiv.

Do you prefer bigger and more powerful machines? You can ask for an help to ERO and Fastbrick robots. Or if you're interested in building bridges, here are two 3D printing robots working in Amsterdam.

Everyone welcome, none excluded: take a look at OSVehicle project to build your own car, meet Electroloom to design and print your own clothes and, in the future, print your cyborg-like ears.

Still curious? Less than 100 days to the European Maker Faire in Rome. Reply will be there. And you? Keep following, see you on next R20!

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Banks in Millennials' age

Do you know it? Millennials prefer to go to the dentist for a root canal then entering in a bank. That’s why Reply organizes the Student Bank Clash, an idea generation challenge for students from Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano universities at the annual Reply Xchange event on June 17th.

So let’s go deep in this field, banks are probably the industry most likely to be transformed by Millennials.

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Feed the Future

Feelin’ hungry? I mean, it’s been a month since the last R20 journey, do you miss it?

It’s again time for the official Reply monthly drill down on a single tech topic and this issue is completly dedicated to the food.

Set the table and start reading!

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Code for Kids

The R20 is back!
In this session we will have an update on technology and devices dedicated to kids.

Are you ready?

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