September 2015

Back to school!

We're here to help with our special selection of 20 links, this time dedicated to all the high-school and university students who are warming up to be back on books!

Schools and learning programs are changing, start by finding the best one with SchooLinks directory and get ready for the upcoming Facebook and Summit’s K-12 Education Project, soon on your browser.

What you learn at school is not enough for your curious mind? Follow courses from the best university in the world on Coursera and edX, learn more and more with KhanAcademy and Udemy and become a code master thanks to the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Questions? Ask anything to Quora community, take a look at all the students’ notes shared on StudySoup, build bibliographies and references’ lists on RefMe, solve any kind of PDF issues with SmallPDF or ask for some help by Texting a Stanford Student. And if you’re busy studying without time to buy a sandwich, we suggest PijonBox :)

And if you’re already wondering to find your dream job, start building your awesome resume adding some graphic impact with ResumeRuby and Sumry, and share it with Reply with a like on Reply U Facebook page. See you next time!

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Let's travel!

Sun is shining, sea is waiting and so it’s time to unplug the PC, pack your stuff and explore the world for a while!

Join this R20 session with our tech deep dive in 20 useful links to plan a digital journey somewhere in the physical world.

Ready? Go!

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Call for Makers

Welcome back pioneers!

Feelin’ ready to explore a new trending tech? We’re here to see how 3D printing machines and DIY culture is growing in a more mature movement, affecting pretty much every industry.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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Banks in Millennials' age

Do you know it? Millennials prefer to go to the dentist for a root canal then entering in a bank. That’s why Reply organizes the Student Bank Clash, an idea generation challenge for students from Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano universities at the annual Reply Xchange event on June 17th.

So let’s go deep in this field, banks are probably the industry most likely to be transformed by Millennials.

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