Protocube Reply creates Poltrona Frau’s new Digital Experience

The 3D configuration platform for new and classic design collections by Poltrona Frau is now available.

The goal

“The goal of the collaboration between Poltrona Frau and Protocube Reply is to enhance the user's experience when interacting with the Poltrona Frau product, giving it a more personal and exclusive feel. Allowing customers to go beyond the limits of the imagination, to virtually touch and redefine a product destined to become an integral part of their space, their home, their lives, according to their needs, tastes and preferences. Poltrona Frau’s creative process that drives the new Digital Experience is distinguished by a mission to identify a unique and exclusive experience in terms of interacting with the product, together with the maximum level of realism facilitated by technology." explained Nicola Coropulis, General Manager of Poltrona Frau.

Protocube Reply, the Reply Group company specialised in 3D integrated solutions, has created for Poltrona Frau, one of the most respected brands in the high-end furniture sector, an innovative 3D configuration platform that makes it possible to customise the icons and new collections offered by the renowned brand through a User Experience based on the most advanced level of realism.

The 3D Configurator

The 3D Configurator digitally simulates every aspect of the materials in a physically correct manner, thus conveying the elegance of Poltrona Frau collections as a perceptible quality.

To implement this vision, Poltrona Frau chose to rely on Protocube Reply’s long-standing expertise in developing digital solutions focused on product representation. The 3D Configurator allows customers to enjoy a virtual experience that conveys the most minute details and natural imperfections of the real world, translating them into something that is digitally “real”, therefore able to offset the perceptual distance between the customer and the physical product. The exceptionally high definition level of the 3D models that reproduce the furnishings is, complemented by a decisive factor: the simulation and rendering of the Pelle Frau® collections.

The 3D Configurator digitally simulates every aspect of the materials in a physically correct manner, thus conveying the elegance of Poltrona Frau collections as a perceptible quality. The user is free to interact with products in the catalogue, selecting them, exploring them in 3D from any angle, personalising them with their preferred finishes, and comparing different solutions through an interface that makes it possible to view multiple configurations of the same product in real time.

Design and 3D technologies enable Poltrona Frau to offer a Digital Experience capable of bringing about a wave of innovation in terms of product communication and user involvement, taking a leap forward in the Mass Customisation era.

Poltrona Frau 3D Configurator

Poltrona Frau 3D Configurator

Poltrona Frau will be previewing the new 3D Configurator developed in collaboration with Protocube Reply at the Salone del Mobile 2017, scheduled to take place from 4th to 9th April at the Milan Rho-Fiera, Hall 20 - Stands C01 - F06.

A 3D Configurator to enhance User Experience

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    Poltrona Frau

    Founded in 1912, Poltrona Frau boasts more than a century of life and culture in the leather sector, the company’s material of choice. The company is a leader in the high-end Made in Italy furniture sector and an ambassador of Italian excellence worldwide. Poltrona Frau, a company that has always lived up to its identity and values, is now part of the Haworth Group, a leading American holding company in the office furniture sector. Research has been part of Poltrona Frau’s philosophy since the very beginning, together with the drive to invent ever new forms, constructive solutions and design languages. Timeless pieces that capture and communicate a universal elegance, both intimate and personal: from the Chester and the Vanity Fair, designed by founder Renzo Frau, to Gio Ponti’s Dezza and Pierluigi Cerri’s Titanio project, which won the first “Compasso d’Oro” award for the company. All the way to Poltrona Frau’s latest design successes such as Jean-Marie Massaud and Roberto Lazzeroni’s collections. More than 21 workmanship phases as part of the tanning process, to render the leather more alive and functional according to individual tastes, to the design and to the intended use.

  • Protocube Reply

    Protocube Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in professional consulting services in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, sector in which the enterprise holds a solid leadership position in multi-disciplinary fields including the industry, communication, design, cultural heritage and architecture sectors. Protocube Reply has gradually expanded its activities, developing and applying all of the most advanced 3D technologies available, with the goal of integrating company processes with solutions that optimise the entire product life cycle. From design to sales. Protocube Reply’s integrated 3D solutions include technologies such as 3D modelling, 3D and relief scanning, 3D printing for prototyping and production, 3D rendering and animation, virtual photoshoot sets, 3D configurators for e-commerce, and advanced 3D software and applications for the communication and industry sectors.