08.11.2020 / Raconteur

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Financial institutions embrace multi-cloud to accelerate innovation

As pressure mounts on financial services firms to adopt new business models, Reply and independent experts from Imperial College London analyse the four key factors that appear to be influencing Cloud deployment models and the extent of adoption, in this latest Raconteur Special Report.

27.10.2020 / IT Pro

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The Future of Retail

The last two decades have seen upheaval on the high street. As the industry reconfigures itself, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, technology and data have a huge part to play in its transformation. In our latest article, IT Pro speak to Daren Ward, Executive Partner at Reply, about how technology is driving a customer experience-led retail revolution.

26.10.2020 / The Drum

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GHD Appoints Threepipe Reply for Christmas campaign

Luxury hair styling brand GHD has appointed Threepipe Reply to support its ‘Wish Upon a Star’ limited-edition collection of Christmas gift sets. Threepipe Reply will run a brand awareness campaign with supporting creative across social and display channels, while also amplifying influencer campaigns.

20.10.2020 / 365Retail

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How digital commerce can create emotional and unique shopping experiences

Susanne Zander, Partner at Syskoplan Reply takes a look at the lasting effect COVID-19 is having on consumers and digital commerce in this article in collaboration with 365Retail. Find out how the pandemic is boosting digital commerce and reinforcing hyper-personalisation, data-driven commerce and emotional digital shopping trends.

20.10.2020 / IT Pro

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The steps towards post-pandemic success

COVID-19 has caused wide-scale disruption across the business world. Now is the time to make positive changes to your operations post-pandemic, and start getting your business back on its feet. Reply takes a look at how companies can reset, restart and reshape their value proposition post-pandemic, in our latest article in collaboration with IT-Pro.

08.10.2020 / IT Pro

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How Liberty navigated a site relaunch during a pandemic

In Reply's latest article in collaboration with IT Pro we take a look at how Threepipe Reply helped the iconic department store and retail brand, Liberty, navigate a site relaunch during the pandemic. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities for growing online retail in 2020.

30.09.2020 / Professional Security Magazine

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Brave New World

As COVID-19 continues, and office workers become home or remote workers, incidences of cyberattack have been rising steeply. Reply takes a look at the three key reasons for this in Professional Security Magazine Online.

28.09.2020 / IT Pro

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The New World of Cyber Security

Cyber crime has been steadily growing over the last few years. As new and advancing technologies increase the number of ways and amount of time we spend online, the opportunities for cyber criminals to take advantage of these connections also grows. Read more about the challenge cyber security experts face in Reply's latest article in IT Pro.

The New World of Cyber Security 0

15.09.2020 / Sport Industry Group

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Industry shorts: jump, lta, dugout

GB Snowsport, the national governing body for UK snowsport, has appointed Threepipe Reply for its new website design. Read the article to find out more.

14.09.2020 / Retail Times

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Grocery e-commerce sites set for strong festive season but brands ill-equipped to execute on digital strategies

Threepipe Reply can reveal that brands are planning to invest more heavily into their e-commerce strategies across the key UK grocery retailers – this festive season – despite lingering concerns over digital investment strategies.

10.09.2020 / ITPRO

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What will quantum computing mean for business?

“Now that quantum computing is no longer just an experimental theory, it’s time to think about how your company can take advantage of the possibilities. Read in the article how Reply can help your business embrace the power of quantum computing.”

09.09.2020 / Techcrunch

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Boston Dynamics Spot now also available in Europe and Canada

Reply is one of the first integration partners in the world to contribute to improve the functionality of the robot and develop use cases.

11.08.2020 / UK TECH NEWS

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How using AI can streamline manual supply chain tasks and improve efficiency across the business

Christian Scholz, assosicate Partner of Go Reply, discusses to Uk Tech News, how to improve business efficiency and manual supply chain tasks using AI.

28.07.2020 / Information Age

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How blockchain could play a relevant role in putting Covid-19 behind us

Tommy Jamet, manager at Blockchain Reply, discusses how blockchain can help industries put the Covid-19 pandemic behind them in this Information Age Editor's Choice Article.

27.07.2020 / Information Age

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Use Cases for Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain Reply's upcoming health credential solution is in the spotlight with Information Age, in a new feature exploring in depth the various use cases that blockchain technology has within the healthcare sector.

26.07.2020 / Fintech Magazine

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Tech Enablement Across the Wealth Management Value Chain

Market conditions are forcing financial institutions to find new models for growth. Karine Marechal, Associate Partner at e*finance consulting Reply takes a look at one of the largest identified gaps for growth - the underserved and overlooked mass affluent segment.

19.06.2020 / It Pro

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When remote working is the new normal

Jason Hill, Executive Partner at Reply, discusses how Remote Working has changed and will change after Covid-19. Good remote working is about a seamless fusion of processes, tools and culture.

09.06.2020 / MIT Technology Review

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Quantum computing: A key ally for meeting business objectives

In a world of 0s and 1s, Quantum Computing truly is a quantum leap. Today, technology is becoming increasingly mature and the prospect of Quantum Computing being at the full disposal of businesses, so-called quantum supremacy seems to be getting closer. Read our sponsored content on MIT Technology Review and discover how this technology is about to revolutionize various industries.

04.06.2020 / Harvard Business Review

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How Shared Data Can Help Companies to Better Understand Their Customers

How can a strong data strategy help companies to emerge from the crisis even stronger? Read our sponsored article on Harvard Business Review and discover the benefits of a cross-sector view looking beyond your own data for a deeper understanding of your customers and for the creation of sustainable business models.

29.05.2020 / OPEN ACCESS

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COVID-19 recasts internet as a utility for every home

Live Reply explores how the telecommunications sector has grown amid the COVID-19 crisis, after broadband is perceived to be essential to surviving lockdown.

04.05.2020 / Retail Times

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COVID-19 is turning point for fashion industry, Reply study finds

The newest Reply report on COVID-19 is dedicated at the impact of the crisis on the fashion industry across Europe and in the USA, both from a consumer and industry perspective. Based on Google search data, the study examines how changes will affect fashion and brands.

19.04.2020 / RACONTEUR

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reality of augmented innovation

In this Raconteur article, Reply explains how it is able to support companies in the integration of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, by identifying the right processes, selecting the right software and hardware technologies and developing common applications.

01.04.2020 / ITPROPORTAL

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Overcoming the challenges of intelligent automation

Tom Leggett discusses how companies from almost all sectors can overcome the challenges of intelligent automation, from making the business case to automate, to implementing and incorporating the technology.

31.03.2020 / TECHRADAR

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Five tips to ensure remote workers stay connected

Jason Hill, Reply's Executive Partner, discuss about remote working and how to implement it to balance work and private life.