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Building Azure Logic Apps for Enterprise Integration scenarios

Building workflow or Integration based apps for the Cloud is a lot more easier now. With Azure's Logic App offering developers can now develop Simple or complex Workflow or Integration apps to be hosted on Azure. For more complex B2B scenarios developers can used the Enterprise Integration pack to integrate on-premises to Cloud business processes.

28.07.2017 / Medicines Verification System

News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply signs agreement to operate the Lithuanian National Medicines Verification System

Solidsoft Reply, the Reply group Company who specialise in enterprise strength solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, has signed an agreement to implement and operate the National Medicines Verification System in Lithuania.

21.07.2017 / Medicines Verification System

News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply signs agreement with the Czech Republic National Medicines Verification Organisation

Solidsoft Reply, who are the Reply group Company who specialise in creating solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, has signed a multi-year agreement with the newly incorporated, not-for-profit Czech Republic National Medicines Verification Organisation.



Creating an Azure Virtual Machine with a Custom Image

When creating a virtual machine in Azure, Microsoft provide a set of images for you to use that your virtual machines get built from. These include simple images such as Server 2012 r2 with nothing installed up to images with different operating systems and various pieces of software already installed, such as Ubuntu, CentOS and many third party applications. There are other reasons why you may want to use a custom image.



Making Azure SQL more secure - Part 2

I had planned to review Row-level Security and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), but support for TDE has not been announced yet (even though I can see the relevant system tables in V12 databases). So in this part I will just be giving you my assessment of row-level security.



Making Azure SQL more secure - Part 1

There have been a number of new security enhancements recently to control and audit access to Azure SQL databases. These include Auditing, Dynamic Data Masking, Row-level Security, and Transparent Data Encryption. In this first part I give my assessment of auditing and dynamic data design and how likely I am to be using them.



Can Azure ML replace SSAS Data Mining?

The data mining tools in SSAS (multidimensional mode) have been available since SQL Server 2000, and the range of data mining algorithms that are bundled are generally considered to be sufficient for most requirements.



Is PaaS a safer bet than IaaS for SQL in Azure?

What I fundamentally need to achieve for HADR is a database system that is, as much as possible, always available ('online and accessible'), complete ('no data loss'), and accurate ('no data corruption'). For the purpose of this discussion, I am ignoring backup strategies on the assumption that they exist primarily to roll back databases to a previous known state.



Use Custom Reports to close the Azure SQL gap in SSMS

Database management tools, such as SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) are mature products in daily use by database professionals around the world. This makes me wonder why Microsoft bothered producing their Silverlight-based Azure SQL Database Management Portal.



Scaling out databases in Azure with sharding

Scaling out (or sharding) by adding more databases usually requires careful planning and provisioning to ensure even distribution of data. It also adds more administrative overhead, and increases the number of points of failure. In this respect, Azure SQL databases are the perfect candidates for sharding because they can be created or deleted on demand, provide near-zero administration, and have built-in fault tolerance.



CIE: A New Way to View Your Digital Transformation

At Ignite 2017, Microsoft's annual user gathering, a new learning experience was introduced to give attendees a chance to get up close and personal with new and updated Microsoft technologies like never before. When it comes to cloud technology, business leaders are getting a chance to “try before you buy” like never before!

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Getting started with Azure ML: Two-Class and Multi-Class Classification

Machine learning (ML) is transforming the way business is run with unprecedented insights to solve the toughest challenges. Discover how easy it can be to start using this advanced technology within your own organization using Azure Machine Learning Studio.

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