Case Study

Jovaverso: TIM and Reply take Jovanotti into the metaverse

The social media metaverse developed for the 2022 Jova Beach Party – a multi-site music festival – provides users with an immersive experience via a virtual reality headset.


Extended reality for the Jova Beach Party

TIM is the leading ICT group in Italy and Brazil, and offers a variety of fixed and mobile telephony, cloud, IoT and cable TV services. It has collaborated with Reply to create, on the basis of its proprietary extended reality (XR) platform, an immersive and innovative experience dedicated to the world of Italian singer-songwriter Jovanotti for the 2022 Jova Beach Party. This a set of summer music festivals held at multiple locations – mainly Italian beaches – for which TIM was the main sponsor.


To involve fans in the world of Jovanotti by means of an immersive and interactive technological solution



AR and VR applications for a unique multimedia experience

In collaboration with Xister Reply and Infinity Reply, Live Reply designed and developed the Jovaverse – a virtual, immersive and interactive environment in which Jovanotti’s fans enjoyed a unique multimedia experience that enabled them to interact with each other and fully experience the beach party world. They were given access to the Jovaverse via a virtual reality (VR) application and an augmented reality (AR) application.

With the aid of the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, users were able to select their avatar and make their way around a virtual island. The experience allowed users to interact with content in ways that were particularly representative, symbolic and emblematic of Jovanotti’s artistic and private life.


A virtual journey, from the dressing room to the stage

In specific terms, by using the VR headset controllers fans were able to choose their favourite song while interacting with a “sound system” recreated in comic-book style and wearing some of Jovanotti’s favourite hats. At the end of their virtual journey, users arrived at the famous “teepee” tent, precisely recreated to look like the real-life dressing room used by Jovanotti at the Jova Beach Party. While interacting with the artist’s avatar, which accompanied them on stage as they watched a 360° video, users experienced the concert as if they were suspended between the stage and the front row of the audience. By using the AR application that had been developed, they could also take a photo to immortalise – in AR form – the physical person posing with the artist’s avatar, thereby creating a digital souvenir.

A comprehensive form of media: app, artistic control and graphic assets

Live Reply created the VR and AR apps using the extended reality platform developed for TIM and oversaw the end-to-end management of the project, while also coordinating the work of two other Reply Group companies, Infinity Reply and Xister Reply.

Xister Reply assisted with the concept design, implemented the artistic control aspects, created a promotional video and provided TIM with the key assets for the communication campaign used to support the project. Infinity Reply, meanwhile, created all of the graphic assets, including the island setting, the singer’s avatar and the 3D animations.

Thanks to the synergistic work of the three Reply companies and the use of TIM’s extended reality platform, the transition from concept to implementation was quick and efficient. This allowed the team to focus its attention on the details, the artistic rendering and the overall attractiveness of the experience, transporting Jovanotti into the metaverse for the first time.


TIM is the leading ICT group in Italy and Brazil, at the forefront of digital technologies. It develops fixed fibre network infrastructures that it makes available to the entire market, both through a capillary presence throughout Italy and through Sparkle at an international level. TIM offers individuals and families fixed-line and mobile services and products for communication and entertainment, and accompanies small and medium-sized enterprises towards digitalisation with a portfolio tailored to their needs. Cloud, IoT and Cybersecurity are at the heart of TIM Enterprise's End-to-End solutions for businesses and Public Administration, which implement the country's digital transformation by taking advantage of the largest data centre network in Italy, the expertise of Group companies such as Noovle, Olivetti and Telsy, and partnerships with leading groups. In Brazil, TIM Brasil is a major player in the South American communications market and a leader in 4G coverage. In developing its business, the group has adopted a sustainability strategy based on climate strategy, circular economy, digital growth and gender equality objectives, and aims to become carbon neutral in 2030 and achieve zero net emissions by 2040. Through Fondazione TIM, it also supports projects of high social interest.