Last-Mile Delivery Lab

We experiment with innovative solutions for the management of self-driving vehicles in the context of last-mile logistics

Welcome to the Last-Mile Delivery Lab

Reply’s Last-Mile Delivery Lab, located in Area42, is where we study and develop innovative solutions for the integration and management of Autonomous Vehicles and Robots (AV&R) in the manufacturing and last-mile logistics sectors.

Digital platforms for Delivery Management

The development of fully autonomous vehicles is progressing rapidly; but will their use be safe and reliable? How will these vehicles interact with each other and with humans? What will be the impact on the environment and on society?

To enable these new mobility models, the Last-Mile Delivery Lab is experimenting with integrated digital platforms for delivery planning, advanced mission control, and the fleet management of guided and autonomous vehicles. The aim of this is to manage the coordination with manufacturing and logistics robots, as well as the interaction with smart buildings and smart cities.

Areas of experimentation

Our specialised technicians configure and adapt robots and vehicles with embedded software components, to enable autonomous driving and manage the integration with control and monitoring platforms in the manufacturing and logistics realms.

Use scenarios are thus conceived, designed, and tested in our Last-Mile Delivery Lab, where the interaction between vehicles and the surrounding environment, or between vehicles, drones and robots, is increasingly pervasive and oriented towards autonomy.

Thanks to the adoption of these advanced technologies, vehicles like Yape are able to move autonomously within pre-defined spaces like campuses, hospitals or factories, performing specific last-mile delivery tasks.



  • AI on EDGE

  • Machine Vision

  • Ultra-Wide Band Precise Localisation

  • Autonomous Driving Algorithms

  • Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

  • RFID & Advanced Asset Tracking

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