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We experiment with modern blockchain-based digital asset management technologies to enable new mobility models and smart cities.

Welcome to the Blockchain Lab

Reply’s Blockchain Lab, located within Area42, is where we test the application of blockchain elements such as Digital Identity and Wallet, enabling factors for new business models and services for connected mobility and smart cities.

Blockchain and digital identity: key elements in the vehicle life-cycle

Mobility is rapidly evolving thanks to new use models, technological developments for vehicle engineering, and the broader technological landscape (5G, blockchain) around them.

An increasingly complex and integrated ecosystem of mobility service providers is being created in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) domain, where the digitalisation of assets and the secure sharing of data and rights act as enablers of this evolution.

This is why, in the Blockchain Lab, we test the standards defined by the international consortium MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative), of which we are partners: Vehicle Digital Identity, as well as the identity of components and counterparts in the ecosystem, enable secure tracking of events by promptly updating the vehicle's history, for aftersales management purposes up to the aftermarket.

Areas of experimentation

One of the first tests our experts are working on concerns the efficiency of the vehicle aftersales maintenance process.

The aim is to create an ecosystem of counterparts with their respective digital identities, to securely and transparently update the vehicle history within blockchain, and to reduce the claim resolution time.


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