SARA (Smart Assistant Regulatory Affairs)

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Sara has won the prestigious CPhi Pharma Award 2019

The CPhI Pharma Awards recognize the innovation and dedication of companies and individuals who are driving the pharmaceutical industry forward. The CPhI Pharma Awards celebrate the thinkers and creators driving the industry forward through their innovations, technologies and strategies.Read more

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Remote Healthcare


The new frontier in telemedicine

Reply has created a platform to improve the quality of life of chronic patients, by managing continuous out-of-hospital care, using innovative technological systems for taking charge of patients and remote monitoring.


Innovation for Citizens and Government

Companies’ technological and consulting capability represents a key-factor for the attainment of the modernization and evolution strategic objectives of Public Administrations.

The desire to increase the quality of public services and trends governing public spending to the national territory, necessitates the re-engineering of front and back office processes and instruments on behalf of the Public Administration.

Reply promotes the evolution of the Public Sector and Healthcare with avant-garde services and solutions. Coherently with the contents of a public demand more and more focused on key-objectives such as digitalization and simplification, Bureaucracy streamlining and improvement of services to users being them citizens or companies, Cost and quality assessment, Reply supports the Central and Local Public Administration with solutions for e-government and e-health.

Reply benefits from experience gained in the more advanced on-line services by verticalising applications and skills to generate specific solutions to manage the digitalization process for the Central and Local Government and Health sectors.

Digital Health Manager

Best Practice

COVID-19 Infection Chain Case Management for health departments

Cluster Reply has developed a COVID-19 infection chain case management solution. The System for Infection Chain Management enables the staff of Health Ministries and Authorities to digitally manage corona cases and contact persons.

COVID-19 Infection Chain Case Management for health departments 0


Case Study

Solidsoft Reply builds Verilite

On 9th February 2019, the Falsified Medicine Directive came into force. Solidsoft Reply were able to meet the needs of the Falsified medicines directive (FMD) by building a web based application called VeriLite.

Solidsoft Reply builds Verilite 0


Best Practice


X-RAIS is an AI tool for the analysis of medical images based on neural networks, developed by Laife Reply. X-RAIS supports doctors in the medical record compilation phase, automatically calling attention to suspicious areas and the related classification, with the aim of reducing the number of incorrect diagnoses and improving the efficiency of the end-to-end diagnostic process.


14.04.2010 - 15.04.2010


Defence IT 2010

From 14 to 15 April in London, Glue Reply participated to the event Defence IT, where the theme of "Making Sense of the Team Defence Information Business" was debated and exposed.

Case Study

MoD Logistics - Transforming Logistics for Networked Enabled Capability

The vision for UK Defence Logistics is the transformation of the current complex web of processes and systems into a streamlined, optimised, agile and effective ‘end to end’ logistics support chain fully integrated with the front line and industry.

03.11.2009 - 05.11.2009


COM-PA 2009

On 3 November in FieraMilano Rho, Whitehall Reply participated this year, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affair in COMPA 2009, at the European Exhibition of Public Communication and Services to the Citizen and Business.

26.10.2009 - 27.10.2009


Focused Logistics

Glue Reply joined the programme as speakers for the event that was in London on 26 and 27 October 2009.

Best Practice

Public Sector - White Paper

Reply promotes the evolution of the Public Administration by developing highly innovative technological solutions.

11.05.2009 - 14.05.2009


Forum PA 2009

Whitehall Reply this year participated together with Italy’s Foreign Office at Forum PA 2009. It was in Rome from 11 to 14 May 2009.

Best Practice

Governance Solutions: HeGoS

Nowadays, Health Governance is a prerequisite for matching increasingly tight budget constraints with the citizens demand for health. The IT competence, supported by adequate tools, becomes the key to build decision support systems. Acquainted with these requirements, Santer Reply has developed HeGoS (Health Governance Solution), a leading-edge information system aimed at supporting all the phases and activities related to the Health Governance.

Case Study

Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision: the Leonardo Project

To meet the complex needs of the Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision, Technology Reply proposed a solution with a logical and software architecture based on a new computer system called "Leonardo", which introduces new emerging technologies to allow real-time interaction with the database through cutting-edge equipment.

Case Study

AnagS: the health register system of Regione Sardegna (Region of Sardinia)

In fact the main aim of the AnagS project is to align the health register of Sardinian citizens with the databases located at the municipalities (for population and residence data), those at the Local Health Authorities (for relations with GPs) and the register of the Ministry of Finances (for tax codes).

Best Practice

EPR: technology to support healthcare

The EPR proposed by Santer Reply is the core component of the Integration Platform, a light tool allowing different users to consult the complete patients? medical history with no fragmentations or interruptions, according to pre-defined information access and visibility rules, configurable on the bases of the business policies.

Best Practice

Smart Client. Versatile solution to increase the productivity of Public Administration

The smart client architecture typically implements a service oriented architecture: the smart client consumes the functionalities of the business layer exposed as a service. The architecture proposed by Cluster Reply in the implementation of the new solution is based on smart clients using Microsoft technology.

Best Practice

The Central and Local Public Sector

Reply’s e-government ventures are aimed at creating solutions that allow companies and local governments to compete effectively in the new scenario in which Local and Central Public Sectors operate.

Case Study

Leonardo project

With Technology Reply’s help, the General Command of the Italian Carabineer Force launched a process to upgrade, potentiate and enhance the information systems used by Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision (Leonardo system), to support processes of investigation and planning of interventions and safeguarding works of art.

24.03.2009 - 25.03.2009


EPR 2009 Expo-Conf Electronic Patient Record

Santer Reply participated at the EPR 2009 Expo-Conf Electronic Patient Record, a unique opportunity in Italy where a comparison with avant-garde health companies which use EPR systems as been made. The event was held in Milan on 24 and 25 March 2009.

Best Practice

PA - Reply vision

In the field of Public Administration, Reply combines consultancy, development and management of large application projects with cutting-edge technology skills, using its experience acquired in the private sector in order to develop vertical solutions addressed both to citizens as well as to Application & Service Management services.



The analysis of Clinical data for Risk Management and Patient Safety

Santer Reply was present at the Workshop organised by Milan Polytechnic, in the context of the observatory “ICT and Patient Safety” in Bologna, the 29 of May 2008.



The communication standards and the application services interoperability to support the networks of clinical-health cooperation

Santer Reply took part to the workshop organized by Milan Polytechnic, in the context of the observatory “ICT&CIO in the healthcare sector” in Bologna, on 28 May 2008.

12.05.2008 - 13.05.2008


The RFID based document tracking in the PA context

Reply attended to the Workshop “RFIDays” organized by CNIPA in Roma, from the 12 to the 13 of May 2008.



ITIL: engine of the services

Atlas Reply participated to the 2008 Spring Conference “ITIL: Engine of the Services”, that took place on 8 May 2008 at the Atahotel Villa Pamphili, in Rome.

Best Practice

Public Sector

Reply promotes the evolution of the Public Administration by developing highly innovative technological solutions.



Forum PA 2007

Santer participated at FORUM PA, taking place from 21 to 25 May 2007 in Rome and presented the business case related to the project Identity Management regarding the assisted by the Sanitary Service of Regione Autonoma della Sardegna.


News & Communication

Technology Reply wins the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Innovation Award with its "Leonardo" project

Technology Reply, the Reply Group’s company specialized in Oracle technology, has received the prestigious OPN (Oracle Partner Network) Innovation Awards EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in Dubai for its "Leonardo" project, developed for the Carabinieri Department Cultural Heritage Supervision (Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale, CCTPC).



Forum P.A. 2006

Cluster Reply, Microsoft Gold Partner, participates to the event organized by Microsoft, taking place from 8 to 12 May 2006 in Rome.