SARA (Smart Assistant Regulatory Affairs)

Use Process Mining and Process automation to automate repetitive factory work. Increase efficiency and better use people energy to create and improve quality. Discover more

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Sara has won the prestigious CPhi Pharma Award 2019

The CPhI Pharma Awards recognize the innovation and dedication of companies and individuals who are driving the pharmaceutical industry forward. The CPhI Pharma Awards celebrate the thinkers and creators driving the industry forward through their innovations, technologies and strategies.Read more

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Innovation for Citizens and Government

Companies’ technological and consulting capability represents a key-factor for the attainment of the modernization and evolution strategic objectives of Public Administrations.

The desire to increase the quality of public services and trends governing public spending to the national territory, necessitates the re-engineering of front and back office processes and instruments on behalf of the Public Administration.

Reply promotes the evolution of the Public Sector and Healthcare with avant-garde services and solutions. Coherently with the contents of a public demand more and more focused on key-objectives such as digitalization and simplification, Bureaucracy streamlining and improvement of services to users being them citizens or companies, Cost and quality assessment, Reply supports the Central and Local Public Administration with solutions for e-government and e-health.

Reply benefits from experience gained in the more advanced on-line services by verticalising applications and skills to generate specific solutions to manage the digitalization process for the Central and Local Government and Health sectors.

Remote Healthcare


The new frontier in telemedicine

Reply has created a platform to improve the quality of life of chronic patients, by managing continuous out-of-hospital care, using innovative technological systems for taking charge of patients and remote monitoring.



Case Study

Sustainable mobility for the smart city

ServiceGuard, developed by Concept Reply, is a web application for more efficiency and quality in the operation of traffic infrastructures. The web-based application is used to monitor and control traffic objects, for example traffic lights, parking facilities and sensors.

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Case Study

B. Braun: Software based Cross-Channel communication

Together with Syskoplan Reply, the medical technology and pharmaceutical company B. Braun has introduced Qualtrics as a new experience management solution. Qualtrics enables effective and efficient Cross-channel communication at B. Braun. In addition to integrating Qualtrics into the existing CRM, Syskoplan Reply also laid the foundation for a global rollout and independent further development of the system by B. Braun.


Case Study

DiaSorin simplifies diagnostics by implementing a digital solution

With the support of Cluster Reply and Concept Reply, in only a few months DiaSorin has developed a proprietary IoT cloud solution, based on the Microsoft Azure technology, which can process and report Covid-19 tests.


DiaSorin simplifies diagnostics by implementing a digital solution 0

Salesforce Health Cloud

Best Practice

Healthcare as a platform

In the Health 4.0 era, healthcare has quickly become a personalised, integrated and holistic pathway, including from a technological point of view. Arlanis Reply supported CareApt, through the adoption of the Salesforce HealthCloud module, in the creation of a telenursing assistance service specialised in Parkinson's and integrating the solution into a collaborative medical platform.

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supply chain management

Best Practice

App – Advanced Procurement Platform

APP (Advanced Procurement Platform) is the solution implemented by Syskoplan Reply for SAP within the Cloud Application Extension program. APP extends the operation of the SAP Ariba suite with the availability of specific services and features for the Italian market.


Best Practice

Blockchain Technology in the Healthcare sector

Blockchain technology can be extremely effective in the healthcare sector, to enhance security, interoperability and transparency in relations between stakeholders in the healthcare landscape. Blockchain-based solutions can help steer the sector towards a Connected Care model based on personalisation and collaboration, enabled by hybrid care delivery systems and the introduction of digital therapies in the National Health System.

Industrie 4.0

Case Study

A new dynamic for the IoT Pilot project PLUSS

The implementation of digital transformation projects is proving to be a key element in the pharmaceutical industry to position companies sustainably in a competitive environment. Merck, a company specialising in healthcare, life sciences and performance materials, has been supported with suitable project management methods by Laife Reply in achieving this goal in a structured manner.


Best Practice


X-RAIS is an AI tool for the analysis of medical images based on neural networks, developed by Laife Reply. X-RAIS supports doctors in the medical record compilation phase, automatically calling attention to suspicious areas and the related classification, with the aim of reducing the number of incorrect diagnoses and improving the efficiency of the end-to-end diagnostic process.




Live well - Do it better

Health is the most requested benefit and an essential driver to better develop its human capital, intellectual, and business performance.The solution named “Live Well - Do It Better”, created by Laife Reply, uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engines applied to Big Data to promote the long-term health of employees.



Ticuro Reply - better living, everytime, everywhere

Healthy Reply is launching Ticuro Reply, the new frontier in telemedicine based on the IoT. From wellness to prevention, from diagnostics to therapy to aftercare: Ticuro Reply networks medical devices, environmental and wearable sensors in order to support patients and users interested in their health - everywhere and at all times.


Case Study

Ticuro Reply and high-altitude health care

Ticuro Reply, Healthy Reply’s telemedicine solution – which analyses behaviour and monitors vital signs – provides the technological basis for the “Meno soli sulle Alpi” project.

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Enterprise Architecture

Best Practice

Public and Private Enterprise can face the today's challenges

Glue Reply can empower Public and Private Enterprise to face current challenges and to move forward confidently, effectively and within a firm business and technological framework.

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Digital Health Manager

Best Practice

COVID-19 Infection Chain Case Management for health departments

Cluster Reply has developed a COVID-19 infection chain case management solution. The System for Infection Chain Management enables the staff of Health Ministries and Authorities to digitally manage corona cases and contact persons.


Case Study

Solidsoft Reply builds Verilite

On 9th February 2019, the Falsified Medicine Directive came into force. Solidsoft Reply were able to meet the needs of the Falsified medicines directive (FMD) by building a web based application called VeriLite.

Blockchain and Covid-19

Case Study


Reply and Vodafone have created Healthcred, a UK Innovation Grant winning app. By leveraging advanced cryptography, the app allows anyone to prove their personal and health data without revealing the data itself.


17.11.2020 - 19.11.2020 / Live Event


Data + AI Summit Europe

Laife Reply will give a speech entitled “X-RAIS: The Third Eye” to illustrate X-RAIS, an Artificial Intelligence tool. The Company extended X-RAIS capabilities with ALFABETO (ALl FAster BEtter TOgether).

15.03.2018 / Milan


Wired Health

Healthy Reply and Laife Reply, the Reply Group companies specialised in the development of advanced solutions and consultancy services for the Healthcare, take part in the event WIRED HEALTH.

11.12.2017 - 12.12.2017 / Berlin


8th National Symposium Telemedicine 2017

Healthy Reply exhibits at the 8th National Symposium Telemedicine, on 11-12 December 2017 in Berlin, where Reply’s telemedicine specialist presents the innovative telemedicine platform Ticuro Reply. This platform is connecting medical devices via IoT technology and improves people’s quality of living.

11.05.2017 / Medicine Verification System

News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply implements and operates the Slovenian NBS

Following similar agreements with the Swedish, Danish and Irish National Medicine Verification Organisations, Solidsoft Reply has signed an agreement to implement and operate the National Medicines Verification System in Slovenia; ZAPAZ.

20.04.2017 / Medicine verification system

News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply implements the Irish National Medicine Verification System

Solidsoft Reply has signed an agreement to implement and operate the Irish National Medicines Verification System with the newly incorporated, not-for-profit, Irish Medicines Verification Organisation (IMVO).


Hot Spot


Santer Reply develops solutions to support administrative/accounting processes in order to ensure governance and control of the entire Regional pharmaceutical expenditure, both with respect to the organization and the needs of Health Authorities and Hospitals, and with respect to the expenditure generated by General Practitioners and Paediatricians.


11.04.2017 / Milan


SAS forum 2017

Target Reply and Santer Reply take part in the SAS Forum Milan 2017, organised by SAS. The Forum shows how the power of Analytics' can be applied across many areas: from Customer Intelligence to Risk Management, from Fraud Management to Business Transformation.

28.02.2017 / Medicine Verification System

News & Communication

Solidsoft Reply signs agreement to implement and operate the Danish National Medicine Verification System

Solidsoft Reply has signed a contract to implement and operate the Danish National Medicines Verification System with the Dansk Medicin Verifikation Organisation A/S (DMVO).


News & Communication

Reply launches an innovative living experience with Ticuro Reply, the new frontier in telemedicine based on the Internet of Things.

Reply is launching Ticuro Reply, an innovative telemedicine solution based on IoT. Ticuro Reply networks medical devices, wearables and environmental sensors for patients and users interested in their health - everywhere and at all times.​

28.09.2016 / ZDnet

Press Article

How doctors are prescribing VR to help patients cope with real life

One Italian hospital is helping break new ground by using immersive virtual reality to help people deal with neurological problems.

28.04.2016 / Milan


SAS Forum Milan 2016

Target Reply and Santer Reply take part in the SAS Forum Milan 2016, the forum organised by SAS in order to present the Analytics' power in many areas of application: from Customer Intelligence to Risk Management, from Fraud Management to Business Transformation.

25.10.2015 - 29.10.2015 / San Francisco


Oracle OpenWorld 2015

During the Oracle OpenWorld 2015, the main Conference focused on Oracle new technologies and methodologies, Reply organises a meeting dedicated to the Oracle and Reply customers present in San Francisco.

Emotional Digital Experience

Case Study

Global dialysis service portal for Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care's new dialysis service portal offers customised content and relates emotional stories that address every target group worldwide. Thus, the portal helps to improve the lives of dialysis patients and represents a benchmark for competitors. Triplesense Reply developed the concept for the service portal, which presents emotional stories and facts on dialysis.

Visual Recognition App

Case Study


Whitehall Reply has designed and developed Archeocontrol, a system that allows you to support the investigative analysis activities of the Comando Carabinieri Tutela del Patrimonio Culturale (Carabinieri Section for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage) to recover stolen works of art.

12.02.2015 / Peschiera Borromeo (MI)


Microsoft Symposium 2015

Cluster Reply and Solidsoft Reply take part in the Microsoft Symposium 2015. The event is open just to a selected number of Executives of the largest Italian companies and is focussed on the Internet of Things​.


Case Study

HM Government Tell Us Once Programme

It's stressful enough having a friend or family member die. The last thing you need to deal with is unnecessary bureaucracy. The UK Government’s own research has showed that, in order to notify a death, citizens had to contact central government and local authority departments up to 44 times. Was there a way to reduce the stress involved in this process and, at the same time, save tax-payers' money? That was the challenge presented to Solidsoft Reply by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Microsoft Azure solutions

Case Study

EFPIA - European Medicines Verification System

After an extensive tender process the ESM technical team chose Solidsoft Reply, using Microsoft Azure for the delivery platform. Solidsoft Reply was the only bidder to propose using a solution with a fully public cloud-based back-office infrastructure on Microsoft Azure with Windows 8.

Cloud Computing for Government

Case Study

HM Government CloudStore

CloudStore replaces a complex system which had different applications from different providers spread across multiple locations.


Best Practice

Reply Healthcare Suite

To develop in standard means to achieve a truly efficient interoperability. Santer Reply organizes and is increasingly able to leverage the integration capabilities by using communication standards such as DICOM, HL7 W3C and security standards.​

Health Governance Solution

Best Practice


The entirety of the data, supported by appropriate tools, is the key to realize innovative systems for backing the decision processes in all phases and activities of Health governance.

Document dematerialisation

Best Practice

Document management for Healthcare

Cost control, financial statements certification and electronic invoicing (document dematerialisation) are the three main points of the administrative and accounting management of Healthcare.