Chatbot for automotive

Chatbots have the potential to convincingly mimic human actors and even pass the Turing test

Chatbot for automotive

Reply supports customers in the automotive industry by implementing Chatbot applications for:

  • Car Configurators
  • After Sales Services
  • Customer Interaction Center Support

A Chatbot is a computer program which is capable of conducting conversations in spoken or written language.

Thanks to sophisticated algorithms and increasing computing power, chatbots today have the potential to convincingly mimic human actors and even pass the Turing test.

Leveraging methods of Natural Language Processing, Reply provides chatbots built on artificial intelligence, like Machine Learning or Deep Learning technology. These chatbots can steadily increase their capabilities to offer resourceful assistance to customers while economizing processes for the automakers.

The chatbot uses state of art AI technologies and is flexible to integrate into any communication platform.

It is available 24/7 and meets the demands of a clientele that is always connected and expects a customer centric service approach.

AI Advantage

The chatbot can be integrated with many different popular messenger channels, such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp, Wechat, Telegram, Kik, Web Chat, Email and many other channels.

The chatbot logic is designed and deployed on a cloud web service platform. This platform also handles all the communication between messenger channels and the AI service at the back end.

The AI service is mainly running Natural Language Processing algorithm to understand messages from customers. It’s a continuous self-learning and improving process that the learning model is trained based on continuous new input from customers. The solution allows the businesses to keep revenue and customer information in their own eco-system rather than entrusting them to third party market-places.

Reply Chatbot for automotive

For the automotive sector, Reply is offering a chatbot solution to instantaneously and fully automatically handles customer interactions dealing with a wide range of topics such as car configuration, customer survey, after-sales service.

Car Configurator Chatbot for Presales

Reply has developed a chatbot, to be a real car expert. It retrieves information about the customer’s preferences and requirements from a CRM database and translates this knowledge into a human-like communication. Customers can ask questions anywhere, any time, as it can operate 24/7 and is reachable by mobile app and other online forms. Most importantly, it provides a whole new customer experience while greatly reducing the operation cost for business.

Customer Survey Chatbot for After Sales

Chatbot by its nature is perfect for repetitive tasks such as conducting customer surveys. It is precise, doesn’t make mistakes like humans. It’s also available whenever the customers need it. The customer survey chatbot designed by Reply follows human communication patterns and is smart enough to answer any open question.

Chatbot for Customer Interaction Support

Reply supports automotive companies in enhancing the customer service experience by the development of chatbot solutions, that are connected with CRM and Customer Interaction Center (CIC) systems. Customers enjoy the premium service of being able to instantly arrange service appointments, obtain information about their cars, buy accessory or ask for help in case of a breakdown or accident – all that 24 hours a day, seven days a week by simply using their preferred Messenger. Using smart analytics, the systems determine the best offers with respect to the individual customer and the actual communication parameters.


Reply assists companies during all phases of the chatbot adoption process: concept, technology, architeture and implementation...


Reply assists companies during all phases of the chatbot adoption process: concept, technology, architeture and implementation...


Reply assists companies to generate viable concepts for chatbot applications and use cases, employing Design Thinking methodology for a decisively user-centric focus.



Due to the long term partnership with leading vendors Reply has the the expertise and the overview to match the chatbot application with the right technology. Reply supports Chatbot and AI solutions from AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Open Source, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP.



Based on an in-depth experience as system integrator – among others for leading automotive companies – Reply supports customers in defining future proof architectures for chatbot and AI applications.



Built on profound knowledge of the technological landscape, Reply implements Chatbot scenarios including ChatBot development and AI integration.