Engaging employees at all levels


THE SUN is a think tank for reimagining the ways of working within companies, focusing both on their business relationships their internal relationships and their ways of doing.

The think tank aims to create a collaborative laboratory within the company bringing people together, activating exchange and knowledge sharing methods, on a shared digital platform.

An idea lab, realising positive energy, to live the moment and to face the new bright future ahead with a new impetus.

The Goals

  • Reimagining and restarting the company and its business
  • Defining, collecting and pushing the best and most effective ideas for reshaping the ways of working, and both business and internal relationships
  • Engaging actively employees, despite their roles and competencies, taking advantage of the moment
  • Projecting from now the next new phase, with a long-term vision

As Avvio Reply, we stand as Advisor for companies, setting workshops, leading the working teams, providing them with inputs and benchmarking, summing up the main outputs and coming up with a final synthesis and action plans, in order to give shape to engagement and communications activities.


The team will focus on:

  • Define and assess the communication contents
  • Identify target audiences
  • Define the communication channels
  • Develop the framework of communication activities
  • Conceive the formats, methods and frequency of communication
  • Define the contexts in which to communicate
  • Focus on a communication plan to be activated
  • Define how to monitor


The dimensions of the think tank can range from business communication, to engagement activities and communication, to leadership communication activities.

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    Avvio Reply

    Avvio Reply is the Reply Group company specialising in Brand Engagement, Employee Engagement and Experience and Internal Communications. Avvio Reply's purpose is to realise the full value of a company's employees. When employees are motivated to perform, businesses perform.