Safe Back to work rules

Driving virtuous behaviors


To restart their business, companies need to rethink their working processes and provide employees with a prompt information, while working on employee trust and engagement. Clear instructions to employees to carry out their work are core, taking into account the different professional families, behaviors, and, generally speaking, working experiences within the company.

With a define and design approach, we help companies assessing the behavioural guidelines for coming back to work, developing a flexible, short and long term solutions to manage, support and communicate to employees.


A new methodology based on three phases:

  • Engage
  • Co-design
  • Develop

The Solution

  1. We assess and blend 3 different dimensions – working processes, spaces and safety procedures
  2. We put together the rules landscape and advise on enhancements, where needed
  3. We create engagement and communication plans, solutions and tools

The result is a communication system that helps people learn, grow and work in a new way, acting in real time and emboding the corporate vision.


Starting from actual elements, we build stories that allow us to understand how each employee interacts within the workplace.

We look at all the aspects that influence the employee's experience, to define intervention scenarios.


We start from the technological tools and channels already in place, implementing and enriching them, according to the company needs. We combine the digital solution with a physical communication campaign to strengthen its reach.

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