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Atlas Reply, the Reply Group company specialised on IT Governance, provides services to maximize the efficacy, the efficiency and the productivity of IT assets using qualified methodologies and automation techniques to manage and evolve processes, solutions and applications. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of Business Continuity and Crisis Management for the correct management of risks and critical events.

Defeat the crisis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Continuity Plans and Crisis Management Process are amongst the processes that Atlas Reply masters with its strong ITIL competencies, consultancy and implementation skills. Partner of both ServiceNow, Atlas Reply creates solutions for BIA and Crisis Management processes automation that are integrated within the existing Customer landscape.

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    The importance of prevention

    The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how important correct prevention and risk management is, especially in a sensitive field such as public health, to ensure the formal and organized management of a crisis or event that could become catastrophic.

    For example, the discontinuity of supply chain caused by any predictable or unpredictable event is certainly an element of very high criticality, which can easily lead to a crisis, that is "an event that threatens to harm the organization or its stakeholders” and that determines "a transformation process in which the current system can no longer be maintained".

    Therefore, Business Continuity Management must play a fundamental role in the more general Risk Management activities, providing tools for the assessment of business impacts (Business Impact Analysis), defining strategic and operational plans for maintaining business continuity (Business Continuity Plan) which are able to determine technical and operational requirements for the adoption of adequate technologies and support methodologies.

    Where a crisis is faced, it is essential to be provided with a specific Crisis Management plan, namely a global process previously defined, approved and verified, that will be applied during and after the crisis itself, with the support of specific enabling technologies.

Immediacy, coordination and organization

Very often experience shows that BIA, BCPs and Crisis Management plans, although correctly defined and distributed by the responsible organizational structures, do not see actual implementation and enforcement through specific information systems, but remain documentary "organizational" procedures that leave the actors maximum freedom in the application, in terms of mode of action and tools.

Plans and processes must be regularly tested and evaluated by the involved actors in order to be prepared to manage a crisis, but this doesn’t happen because a crisis is perceived as a remote likelihood. So, when a crisis arises, companies are unprepared. In the event of a crisis, an immediate, coordinated and well-organized response is a necessary, although not sufficient, element for minimizing damage, and the use of specific information systems is often the critical success factor.

The servicenow platform

Atlas Reply supports Customers to define, their processes in order to be effective, reliable, executable and automatic. Atlas Reply selected ServiceNow, platform for the management of organizational processes, to implement this new solution. The solution has some key features.
  • The possibility of accessing the Business Services suitably qualified from the BIA point of view allows stakeholders to easily evaluate the impact on the business of the crisis providing an organized view of relationships with all the technical assets potentially involved in the incident, realized by integrating the Corporate Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB);
  • The enrichment of the Major Incident Management process, thanks to throughout the integration with the Everbridge platform, with (i) multichannel alerting and communication functionalities to the Major Incident Manager, the Crisis Management Team and the Stakeholders, (ii) the possibility to dynamically setup the Crisis Response Team in function of the work shifts and current scheduling, (iii) the execution of the appropriate escalations workflows (using different communication channels) on the deputies and on the managers, (iv) the setup and management of the war room communication;
  • In case of a crisis caused by an IT issue, ServiceNow is customized to help operators of the Crisis Response Team in to navigate and analyse the IT processes and activities data in order to facilitate the root cause and the impact analysis;
  • The automation of the Maintenance Process for the BIA and the BCP, that provides notifications when a change occurs in the technological assets or in the organizations that may have an impact on the related business services and in their indicators, allowing the Managers to re-evaluate the business impacts and submit them for approval to the Executives through a formal and traceable process;
  • The automation of the Audit Management processes, necessary to verify the correct implementation of the BCP and prescribed by the regulations currently in force.
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    Atlas Reply provides services in the Information Technology Governance arena: all that is about processes, practices and solutions aimed at maximizing the efficacy, the efficiency and the productivity of the IT assets, supporting the digital transformation as an enabler for achieving the company goals. Atlas Reply is focused on: IT Application and Architecture, enterprise process intelligent automation, DevOps and Cloud Management.