Analyse UK ID

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I declare that I have read and fully understood the Privacy Notice and I hereby express my consent to the processing of my personal data by Reply SpA for marketing purposes, in particular to receive promotional and commercial communications or information regarding company events or webinars, using automated contact means (e.g. SMS, MMS, fax, email and web applications) or traditional methods (e.g. phone calls and paper mail).

The identification, extraction and analysis of personal identity documents is a manual, and costly process for any business to manage.

Whether it is onboarding a new customer as part of operations or onboarding a new employee as part of HR processes, verifying users’ personal documents is an essential element of these processes.

The human nature of these processes incurs a substantial cost, furthermore, due to inherent human behaviours and tendencies thereby not guaranteeing error-free fast processing. This has a significant impact on the bottom line in terms of missed potential revenue and risking customer retention.

Market trends suggest that customers are now demanding and expecting faster time-to-market, and a better customised experience.

In highly regulated markets and industries, being accurate and fast is not optional but a necessity with many industries mandating expensive fines if regulations and governance are not upheld.

Our solution aims to tackle these problems by automating the ID Analysis and Compliance processes.

Why Automate Identity Analysis

Opportunity with Data Reply and AWS

Data Reply is a premier AWS partner, leveraging our knowledge and experiences to focus on verticals such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and CV (Computer Vision) to tackle a real life use case - Driver Onboarding. Our Analyse UK ID Engine will automate the employee onboarding process and continuous compliance.

The solution will be deployed in your own AWS infrastructure giving you complete visibility and control to tweak, modify and scale as per your own requirements. Our team of expert data scientists and data engineers can support in embedding our accelerator into your workflow and enterprise tools. We also provide advice on additional use cases of intelligent document processing and long term automation plans.

Benefits of our Offering

Our Approach

Data Reply works with our customers to shape and define the scope depending upon their specific needs and constraints. We identify the key KPIs our customer's want to maximise or optimise. We work in an agile methodology to seed and deliver the scope and business value to our customer.

The journey starts with showcasing proof-of-value with our Analyze UK ID accelerator via a time boxed (6-8 weeks elapsed) approach to gauge confidence in our solution followed by a long-term roadmap to enhance, industrialise and scale the solution realising the full benefits and business outcomes.

Learn more about our Analyse UK ID accelerator

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