Key Factors

Thanks to the continuous growth and evolution of its fundamental technology, Augmented Reality is becoming more and more prevalent in the industrial world and will be essential for the future of logistics. Logistics Reply offers its clients a framework for Augmented Reality App modelling and creation for Supply Chain Execution, in order to drive value for operations in different environments, from manufacturing and distribution centres to services and retail. A BRIDGE CONNECTING THE PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL WORLDS The real world is augmented in real-time thanks to a set of added-value information for the execution of processes and services coming from the digital world. Texts, graphic elements, audio and virtual content augment the user experience, as users are in close connection with the operations they are following. Aside from consumers' lives, Augmented Reality makes its entrance in the business world and finds a fertile breeding ground in logistic realities thanks to its high potential within environments in which workers are based on the field and do not have immediate access to information, as well as tasks requiring one or both hands to be free, along with the operator's attention. USER’S SENSES Customer experience is vital in augmented reality applications that – thanks to a wearable user interface – leverage the user's senses aiming for an increasingly simpler and intuitive man-machine interaction, making even repetitive and complex operations engaging and immediate.CALL TO ACTION In order to maximise ease of use and enhance operational productivity, the application is strongly oriented towards a call to action to the operator, who is stimulated and guided through the use of elements interpreted as natural features, such as: graphic signs, colours, pulsations, etc., in a context-sensitive mode, and minimising the need for a "call to choose." TECHNOLOGY VALUE The AR solution enhances and optimises the different technological components it deploys:

• Location Services
• Mobility
• 3D Context Recognition
• Image Recognition
• Speech Recognition
• Gamification




Click Reply™ Augmented Reality is the innovative suite solution that – thanks to the latest technological innovations – brings a new and exciting customer experience to the execution at work.​



Video Reference

Click Reply™
AR - Experience

The video shows the execution, in the laboratory, of an augmented reality collection process through Google Glass, integrated with the Click Reply™ augmented warehouse management solution. ​Thanks to Google Glass, it was possible to carry out initial trials, discover strengths and weaknesses and design the future reference model to adopt the technology within the Click Reply™ suite.