15.08.2023 / Cybersecurity


The Changing Hacker Mindset

An invariant of the cybersecurity industry is that attacks will continue to happen, but even at a global level the preferred methods and outcomes of attackers are changing and adapting at noticeable levels.

Network Security

Case Study

The Importance of Network Security

We protect your sensitive Data.


14.07.2022 / Security


Protect Lessons Learned

After the end of several projects, it can be useful to come together and assess what was successful as well as the pain points that were faced. These are some of the lessons that Net Reply has learnt to avoid obstacles and ensure a smooth delivery.

04.02.2022 / Cyber-Security


Phishing is on the Rise

Ever received an email that just did not look right? An analysis of more than 55 million emails reveals that one in every 99 emails is a phishing attack. As every organisation is one click away from an experiencing a phishing attack, this blog dives into the components to looks for when receiving a suspicious communication and stresses the importance of. security awareness training.

27.08.2021 / Phishing


You’ve Been Smished! - So Now What?

Cyber Security professionals can spot an SMS Smishing or Email Phishing campaign, but how many know what they should do with them? What to do next is rarely discussed and few Cyber Security professionals are aware of the best practices. This article will guide you through several tactics to spot and report a phishing or Smishing when you receive one.

30.09.2020 / Professional Security Magazine

Press Article

Brave New World

As COVID-19 continues, and office workers become home or remote workers, incidences of cyberattack have been rising steeply. Reply takes a look at the three key reasons for this in Professional Security Magazine Online.


News & Communication

APT groups ramp attacks on enterprises in Q3

It has been reported that target attacks on businesses showed an increase in the third quarter of the year, according to Tech Republic. Cyber attackers have continued to depend on both social engineering and malware to acquire information from both individuals and enterprises alike. Attacks are deployed using bogus using built-for-purpose email addresses, compromised sites in SharePoint and word docs riddled with malware.


News & Communication

Users issued warning over spoof Windows update

Cybersecurity experts have identified a spam campaign capable of infecting systems with Cyborg ransomware. The attack is made via a fake Microsoft email that outlines an important update for the Windows operating system.


News & Communication

SharePoint used to outflank secure software from Symantec

A campaign of phishing attacks is using the online platform SharePoint to bypass the Symantec Corporation’s secure email gateway.


News & Communication

US cybersecurity specialist launches DevServ

Cybersecurity and cloud provider RFA has officially announced that its dedicated team for Development Services (DevServ) will be now offered to all of the company’s clients.


News & Communication

The rise of phishing scams in Microsoft 365

More organisations than ever today are opting to utilise cloud-based services. The benefits are myriad, including both enhanced scalability and drastically reduced maintenance costs, but companies need to remain vigilant against the many cyber threats, such as phishing scams specifically targeting software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps. Widely used by over 155 million commercial users on monthly subscriptions, Office 365 from Microsoft is a major target for cybercrime and companies utilising it must bolster cloud security to protect sensitive data.


News & Communication

Microsoft to offer secure OneDrive vault to store valuable files

Microsoft recently announced users will soon be afforded the ability to keep their most important information and personal files in a new section of OneDrive that benefits from additional layers of protection.

08.10.2019 - 10.10.2019 / Nuremberg


it-sa 2019 - IT Security Trade Fair and Congress

it-sa is Europe's largest IT security trade fair and one of the world's most important platforms for cloud, mobile and cyber security as well as data and network security. Visit Reply's Security experts in hall 10 at booth 106.


News & Communication

Phishing attacks evolve to complicate detection

A recent report has outlined how individuals behind phishing attacks are taking more sophisticated approaches to improve their effectiveness against existing defences.

21.05.2019 / Portfolio / Sentryo

Press Article

Frost & Sullivan Praises Sentryo for ICS CyberVision, Its Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

Sentryo combines a unique mix of technology innovations and close customer relations to help companies gain visibility on their OT networks and secure their industrial operations

25.04.2019 / Portfolio / ubirch

Press Article

Startup Ubirch from Cologne Gets Million In Second Funding Round

The company Ubirch has successfully gained more than a million Euro in a second funding round.

25.04.2019 / Portfolio / ubirch

Press Article

German blockchain security start-up ubirch completes second round of financing

In total, the company has received several million euros since its inception to build its IoT security solution.

14.05.2019 - 17.05.2019 / München


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019

The European Identity & Cloud Conference takes place from 14 to 17 May 2019 in Munich and offers a mixture of best practice discussions, visionary presentations and networking opportunities with a future-oriented community - including the IT security experts from Live Reply and Spike Reply from 14 to 16 May.

24.04.2019 / Portfolio / ubirch

Press Article

Cologne-based blockchain startup Ubirch raises funding for its IoT cybersecurity solution

Founded in 2014, the startup has completed its second funding round in the seven-digit euro range.

11.04.2019 / Portfolio / Callsign

Press Article

Three team up with Callsign to improve fraud detection

Callsign are helping Three target SIM-swap fraud and call-divert fraud

10.04.2019 / Portfolio / Callsign

Press Article

Three UK Add Callsign’s Enhanced Fraud Detection to Mobile Network

Mobile network operator Three UK has managed to integrate Callsign‘s enhanced customer protection technology into their service

10.04.2019 / Portfolio / Callsign

Press Article

Three UK combines ID tech with customer insight to beat bank fraud

Callsign's technology will improve fraud detection and prevention for 3 Group customers.

10.04.2019 / Portfolio / Callsign

Press Article

Three UK takes on SIM-swappers with CallSign deal

Three UK has ramped up efforts to thwart fraudsters and protect customers by partnering with authentication specialist CallSign.

19.02.2019 / Portfolio / Sentryo

News & Communication

Sentryo Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community to Help Build a Unified Approach to IT and OT Cybersecurity

Gives industrial organizations real-time visibility on security threats across both their enterprise IT and Operational Technology environments

18.12.2018 / Portfolio / Sentryo

Press Article

Sentryo: French cybersecurity scaleup backed by EIT Digital raises €10M in Series A funding

Sentryo, a French industrial internet cybersecurity specialist recently raised €10 million in Series A fundraising.

03.12.2018 / Portfolio / Sentryo

News & Communication


Sentryo, the pioneer of Industrial Internet cybersecurity solutions is now ready to boost international expansion.


News & Communication

Bocconi University collaboration with Reply Communities of Practices on Business Process Management

Reply has started a collaboration with Bocconi University of Milan: the Company supports the students of the Business Process Management course (coordinated by professor F. Pennarola) to analyze real case studies related to innovation issues that are relevant to Reply.

30.10.2018 / Portfolio insights / Sentryo


Tough tech made easy is COOL

In our second instalment of our in-depth interviews series with founders of our portfolio companies, we talk to Laurent Hausermann – COO of Sentryo.

18.10.2018 / IoT events


Seizing the IoT Opportunity - Making IoT a reality for investors and industry

On the 2nd of October, Breed Reply and Newgate Communication hosted a landmark IoT Investor Event at Aviva's Digital Garage in London.

19.09.2018 / Portfolio / RazorSecure

Press Article

Osirium Technologies forms cybersecurity partnership with RazorSecure

Osirium Technologies said it had formed a partnership with RazorSecure to deliver cybersecurity solutions specifically designed for the critical infrastructure, transport and industrial internet of things markets.

30.08.2018 / Portfolio / Callsign

Press Article

Biometrics catching up to passwords as preferred method of online identification for consumers

The study suggests we’re at a tipping point where our reliance on simple passwords is on a steady downward turn.


News & Communication


Reply takes over 100% of CSPi GmbH, Germany, which will operate as Spike Reply GmbH in the future. It thus becomes part of the dynamic network of the Reply Group and strengthens the know-how for IT security.

28.06.2018 / Gartner Nomination

News & Communication

Sentryo, a Breed Reply startup, named a Cool Vendor by Gartner

Sentryo, one of the startup being funded by Breed Reply, has been named in the 2018 “Cool Vendors in Industrial IoT and OT Security” by Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company.




Blue Reply, the Reply group company specialising in the design and implementation of solutions based on IBM Technologies, offers an operational model for open banking based on APIs and cybersecurity – aspects that place the focus on cloud-native architectural paradigms.

29.03.2018 / Portfolio / RazorSecure

Press Article

Cyber security firm based in Basing View lands finals place in contest

A growing cyber security company has made it through to the final 12 of a Royal-founded scheme.

26.03.2018 / Portfolio / RazorSecure

Press Article

IoT Security: How to fight attacks on health, energy, and transport

The health, energy, and transport sectors are among IoT-enabled systems at increasing risk of a cyber attack.

06.06.2017 / Access AI

Press Article

Guest Article: AI security investment crucial to thwarting the cyber criminals

It’s hardly ever out of the news. Headlines abound of hackers successfully exploiting vulnerabilities in digital systems.

02.11.2017 / Portfolio / RazorSecure

Press Article

RazorSecure paper highlights EU Cyber Security Regulations

RazorSecure and VT Miltope have issued a paper entitled “Implications of the new EU Cyber Security Regulations for the Aviation Industry”.

19.10.2017 / Portfolio / RazorSecure

Press Article

VT Miltope taking inflight connectivity security seriously

At the recent APEX Expo in Long Beach, California, VT Miltope showcased its nMAP2 router technology and RazorSecure cybersecurity solutions for the aviation industry.

21.09.2017 / Milano


Cyber security battle extends to personal data protection

Spike Reply in collaboration with FireEye organizes the event “Cyber Security battle extends to Personal Data Protection”, the third workshop of the GDPR Roadshow.

27.07.2017 / Portfolio / Callsign

Press Article

Allegis and Accel partner for Callsign's $35M series A

Callsign, the leading artificial intelligence-based authentication platform, has raised a $35 million Series A investment led by premier, early stage cyber-security investor Allegis Capital and global venture capital firm Accel.

26.04.2017 / Professional Security / Emanuele Angelidis

Press Article

CYber Defence

The single, greatest challenge to the expansion of the Internet of Things (‘IoT’) is its vulnerability to cyberattack.

30.03.2017 / Portfolio / RazorSecure

Press Article

An insider's guide to protecting rail and metro from cyber security threats

“One morning, you get a message flashing up on a screen in a control room demanding $200,000 or the train will be derailed. And then you pay. This is how serious the threat is."