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Avantage Reply is a pan-European specialised management consultancy delivering change initiatives in the areas of Risk, Finance (Capital Management and Regulatory Reporting), Treasury and Operations, with an excellent reputation for delivering solutions to their clients’ most challenging issues.

23.09.2013 / Düsseldorf


Euroforum "The certified regulatory reporting expert"

Xuccess Reply will participate in the Euroforum Academy “The certified regulatory reporting expert” in Düsseldorf on September 23, 2013. Prof. Dr. Stephan Seidenspinner from Xuccess Reply will give a presentation at the Euroforum Academy with the topic “liquidity regulatory reporting” and will refer to the technical, organizational, methodical, and business-related political aspects of the liquidity regulations and will present liquidity news according to CRR.


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Compliance, a Growth Industry

​Bankers’ bonuses may hog the headlines, but the issue of remuneration cuts across the whole of the financial services sector. "This article outlines" the current challenges for the UK compliance community. This is the second edition in which Avantage Reply has contributed to the quarterly journal.


News & Communication

avantage Speaking engagement - Developing Role of the Risk Functions under Solvency 2

avantage spoke at the Institute of Risk Management’s Solvency II Special Interest Group in London on 1 April. The focus was on four main topics: governance, risk culture, the professionalisation of risk and the role of the CRO.

01.03.2010 / Bank confidentiality

Press Article

Security effect of credit derivatives

Taking the security effect of credit derivatives into consideration sometimes makes exacting demands of the data housekeeping of an institute, especially if all the security options are to be exhausted. However, depending on the business structure, this can produce a substantial reduction in equity capital requirements, making it a lucrative undertaking.