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18.05.2016 / Global Risk Regulator

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Basel heaps more pressure on derivatives

"The title of one of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s (BCBS) consultative documents pretty much sums up its attitude towards internal models as the cost of capital for using derivatives and certain asset classes continues to ratchet-up". Sergio Gianni and Dean Mitchell, Partners with Avantage Reply, answer the questions from the Global Risk Regulator.

23.02.2016 / Global Risk Regulator

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Banks still question new trading book rules

Although the Basel Committee has sought to pare back the capital impact of the fundamental review of the trading book,specific asset classes could suffer. Avantage Reply was interviewed by the Global Risk Regulator.

17.12.2015 / Riskminds

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Risk Review - an insight into the industry

Risk information technology has become a key cog in 21st century banking, regardless of geographic location or institutional size. The pressures on banks' risk it teams are tremendous as they deal with fastchanging regulatory and business demands. It is critical that financial instituitions have the necessary risk infrastucture in place to accommodate their business strategy.

05.05.2015 / Euromoney

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Regulation: Banks brace for Basel interest-rate risk push

Fears of Pillar 1 capital charge; Rules may hit earnings and concentrate risk. Bernard Colla, Senior Manager at Avantage Reply, shared his point of view with Euromoney.

18.02.2015 / Global Risk Regulator

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Basel must tread carefully on risk-weight floors

Bank regulators must perform a delicate balancing act if standardised approaches are to work as a backstop to internal capital models.


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Global Risk Regulator features Arnold Veldhoen from Avantage Reply on Trading Book review

The December 2013 issue of Global Risk Regulator (part of Financial Times group) interviews Arnold Veldhoen from Avantage Reply on the second consultation paper for Basel’s Fundamental Review of the Trading Book


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Frederic Gielen, Partner with Avantage Reply, interviewed by The Banker on the use of internal models

The process of risk-weighting assets to determine banks’ capital adequacy has attracted criticism, but European regulators are keen to improve rather than eliminate it. Philip Alexander reports.


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Paradigmenwechsel im Meldewesen

Die Umsetzung von Basel III in europäisches Recht führt für Finanzinstitute zu veränderten Anforderungen, welche eine Neuausrichtung im Bereich des Meldewesens erfordern.


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Deutliche Verschärfung bei der Liquidität

Interview mit Lutz Niemann über die Herausforderungen der neuen Liquiditätskennzahlen.
Gegenüber der bisherigen nationalen Liquiditätskennziffer bedeuten die neuen Mindestanforderungen an die Liquidität für deutsche Finanzinstitute eine deutliche Verschärfung. Lutz Niemann von Xuccess Reply stellt im Gespräch mit geldinstitute das Konzept der Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) und der Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) vor und zeigt, welche Abhängigkeiten für die Finanzinstitute existieren.


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Bridging the gap

What challenges and opportunities does CRD IV provide to institutions to improve their compliance framework? Avantage Reply writes a press article for - InCompliance Magazine The 2008 crisis triggered by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers revealed a number of serious shortcomings in the existing regulatory capital framework for financial institutions. It is now widely accepted that the international minimum standards for capital and risk management – also known as Basel II or the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) in the European Union (EU) – were not robust enough to accurately reflect the true level of risk inherent in the financial system.


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Die neuen Liquiditätsanforderungen

Die neuen Mindestanforderungen an die Liquidität bedeuten für deutsche Finanzinstitute eine deutliche Verschärfung zu den bisherigen nationalen Liquiditätskennziffern im Rahmen der Liquiditätsverordnung (LiqV). Die Autoren stellen das Konzept der Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) vor und zeigen auf, welche Steuerungsmaßnahmen sich anbieten.


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Compliance: a Growth Industry

Bankers’ bonuses may hog the headlines, but the issue of remuneration cuts across the whole of the financial services sector. "This article outlines" the current challenges for the UK compliance community. This is the second edition in which Avantage Reply has contributed to the quarterly journal.


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Applying and complying

Iain Wright and Will German's article on how firms can manage regulatory risk was published in the first edition (Autumn 2010) of inCOMPLIANCE, the quarterly journal of the International Compliance Association. This article builds on a previous article which appeared in Compliance Monthly (May 2010). It provides advice for firms on how to implement and maintain control frameworks to deliver regulatory compliance including how firms can map the regulations that affect their business and how to use this map to develop practical working tools to manage regulatory risk.


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Here be Dragons: Mapping the Regulatory Footprint of your Firm

Iain Wright and Will German's article on rules mapping is the feature article in the May edition of Compliance Monthly. This article is the first part of a two part series providing advice for firms on how to implement and maintain control frameworks to deliver regulatory compliance. This part covers how firms can map the regulations that affect their business. The second part (which will appear in the Compliance Monthly June issue) focuses on using this map to develop practical working tools to manage regulatory risk. This article draws upon examples and regulations applicable to the financial services sector; however, the principles and methodologies are relevant to firms in other industries.


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Les obligations de publication dites "du Pilier III": De la contrainte à l’opportunité

Vincent Galand’s review of Pillar 3 requirements is this month’s featured AGEFI article ( As well as outlining some practical issues of preparing and presenting the risk management disclosures required by Pillar 3; the article outlines industry practices in Luxembourg highlighting how banks have elected to address some of the challenges related to Part XIX of CSSF Circular 06/273.