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We believe that communities are the key to create engagement, brand awareness and knowledge sharing.
Thanks to TamTamy™, our Social Networking platform, we help our clients in creating their communities.

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Digital & Social Transformation



How the HR processes change with the new technologies’ arrival? What opportunities can be seized to respond more effectively to the needs of business and individuals? During this day they will design all the possible answers.​



News & Communication

Announcing 'Fabbrica Futuro', the social platform for Reale Group employees

The aim is to transfer knowledge about the group’s strategic projects in Italy and Spain by engaging with employees in a new and innovative way. Fabbrica Futuro is a genuine corporate social network that has been created in cooperation with TamTamy Reply, the Reply group company that specialises in designing and developing commmunities.

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​TamTamy™, the Enterprise Social Networking platform developed by Reply, available both on premises and as a service, is the answer to emerging formats of communication, engagement, learning and collaboration, both within the organization (employee networks and social intranets) and on the outside (consumer and business communities to engage customers and stakeholders).​

Social Networking

Best Practice

Social Learning

​Communities represent an ideal complement to traditional corporate training tools and programmes. Through them, HR departments gain access to an agile, versatile and innovative set of tools for establishing new systems of knowledge sharing, creating communities of practice, enhancing talent identification processes and promoting the corporate culture. The challenge for organisations is to ensure that formal and informal training can co-exist in a unique environment.

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Consumer Community


Passaparola: the community of Corriere.it

​TamTamy Reply has developed Passaparola, a new way to read news and interact with the site of the Corriere della Sera newspaper within a virtual discussion environment bringing together digital and social media.

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Consumer Community


Gazzaspace: the community of Gazzetta.it

The new online community of the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper, created on the TamTamy™ platform, is a place where readers can share their passion about sport through social features and take part in a number of initiatives designed to engage them.​​​

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Digital Asset Management

Case Study


For the Parts & Service division at CNH Industrial, Reply has created P&S Channel, an internal-communications initiative developed with the contribution of two Reply mainstays, in TamTamy™ and Discovery Reply Multimedia™, supplied in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) guise.

Business Community


UniCredit Business Matching: an exclusive network for businesses

​UniCredit Group has chosen TamTamy Reply to create an international community dedicated to business matching among selected customers within the SME segment, bringing together demand and supply to foster the internationalisation of firms.

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Consumer Community


Sport Media Pearl Awards

​TamTamy Reply, as the technological partner of RCS Sports and Events and Abu Dhabi Media, is involved in delivering this international set of prizes for sports journalism, by building the web site and the digital platform behind the submission and rating processes. The prize is organised by the International Sports Press Association.

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App / People Engagement

Case Study

INVESTIMENTE.IT: the test for the informed investor

​Investimente is an initiative implemented on the TamTamy™ platform for Schroders, a leading asset management group. The project is dedicated to financial operators, advisors and private bankers who want to deepen and strengthen their relationship with their customers.

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Social Learning


The campus community of "Guido Carli" high school: students and teachers meeting online

​TamTamy Reply has built a community that connects all the parties involved in the sensitive context of a school. The community facilitates dialogue and collaboration among families, students and teachers within a protected environment.

App / Consumer Community


Gimme5: investment made easy

​TamTamy Reply and AcomeA SGR, an investment management company, have designed and developed an innovative and engaging service: Gimme5. Gimme5 allows people to invest small amounts of money via mobile applications, while gamification dynamics engage customers in the careful management of their own investment portfolios.

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