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  • Geico car insurance emergency road service coverage: things you should know

Geico car insurance emergency road service coverage: things you should know

Adding Geico car insurance emergency road service coverage could prove to be a lifesaver

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If you are one of the millions of drivers who are insured with Geico, you should consider adding Geico car insurance emergency road service coverage. This type of coverage is only available to current Geico customers and is sold as an add-on to your car insurance coverage through Geico

If you did not opt to buy this valuable coverage when you initially bought your Geico policy, you can always add it to your policy later on. Geico driver emergency assistance coverage is quite affordable and goes into effect the minute you sign up for it. As with any type of insurance, this is the type of coverage that you never expect to need until you have already had a breakdown on the roadway.

Affordable peace of mind

don't put yourself at risk for being stranded by the side of the road when, for pennies, you can get geico car insurance emergency road service coverageThe cost of Geico car insurance emergency road service coverage is nominal. For as little as $14 per year, you are covered in your Geico-insured automobile, no matter where you may be driving. When compared to other auto club memberships and roadside services, this is a real bargain. After all, that's around $1.25 per month to enjoy the peace of mind that you will not have to pay out of your pocket for covered incidents. Unlike most motor clubs you may join for the roadside assistance programs and services, you pay no additional charge for additional drivers; everyone who drives your car or who is on your Geico car insurance policy is covered.

Available services

Geico car insurance emergency road service coverage is there to protect you from a number of incidents not covered by more standard car insurance coverage options. For example, if you are out on the road and your tire goes flat, your policy will pay to have the tire changed. If you go shopping and come out of the store to find that your car battery has died, your policy will pay for a jump start.

while a gecko may not always come to your rescue, you will get assistance from a skilled pro if you need roadside assistanceAnother valuable benefit with Geico roadside assistance is emergency lockout service. In the event that you lock your keys in the car, your policy can pay to have someone unlock the car for you. This service is undertaken by an authorized locksmith and includes expenses of up to $100 for labor and supplies if keys are locked in your ignition or trunk, or if a key breaks off in the ignition or trunk.

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Your policy will also cover car breakdowns that require a tow to a service station. Not all problems on the road can be fixed on the road. If your car becomes inoperable, emergency towing services will tow your car to a repair shop. It is important to note that Geico car insurance emergency road service coverage is a reimbursement plan that will reimburse you for covered costs. Still, with a single tow costing hundreds of dollars in some areas, knowing you can get your money back from a trusted company like Geico makes this plan invaluable.

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If you have a family or if you drive an older car, adding Geico car insurance emergency road service coverage may be a prudent decision. Getting the advice and suggestion of an experienced car insurance agent might help you determine all the optional coverage plans you may need to add and how to get discounts on your car insurance coverage. Reply! can assist with this by linking you to car insurance agents in your area ready to help you address all your car insurance coverage needs.

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