01.02.2018 / Internet of Things


How to have a successful Series A funding round

In 2017, one-third of our portfolio of 18 investee companies completed successful Series A funding rounds.

04.01.2018 / Information Age


What will be the impact of IoT be on transport in major cities?

The Internet of Things will help redefine many aspects of both the private and public sector, none more so than transport.

22.11.2017 / Internet of Things


The Budget is a chance to fire up the UK tech sector if the Government leads the way

Earlier this year, Theresa May described the UK technology industry as a “great British success story”.

13.11.2017 / Information Age


Smarter and faster – why manufacturers must embrace the Internet of Things

The manufacturing sector is seeing significant benefit from IoT - better machine performance, saving millions on energy and improving staff efficiency.

23.10.2017 / Vanilla+


The answer to the productivity riddle is already here with data, tech and IoT

The UK’s National Infrastructure Commission has identified the three Cs – Congestion, Capacity and Carbon – as holding back UK productivity.